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SECRETS VOLUME 19: TIMELESS PASSIONS by Elisa Adams, R. Ellen Farare, Kathleen Scott, and Saskia Walker

Contemporary Fairy Tale & Mythology, Action & Adventure, Anthology
Red Sage Publishing
ISBN# 0-9754516-9-3
ISBN 13: 978-0-97754516-9-4
320 pages
Print - Available June 2007

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

AFFLICTION – Holly Aronson witnessed the brutal murder of her husband five years ago and has never fully recovered. Now those same people are after her planning to treat her to the same savage death. Two men stand in the way, Andrew, a close friend who she has come to like and Shane McAllister, the man that she feels much more than friendship for. But there is more going on then Holly could ever imagine. When the truth is finally revealed will Holly ever be able to trust and love again?

FALLING STARS – Eagle Varta, also know as the Princess Daria is now betrothed to her dead sister Lessia’s fiancée General Kristiano Raven, otherwise known as the Hohn. It is what is best for the alliance that exists between their people. But circumstances force the time table up and Daria finds herself married quicker than she imagined. How can she accept that she is only a replacement for her dead sister when the Hohn makes her want so much more?

Raven has loved Daria from the start and only a mistaken identity led to the engagement between him and her sister Lessia. Now fate has given him a second chance with the one he has wanted all along. But someone has other plans and wages a war that could very well leave them at the mercy of a madman. Will Daria and Raven get the chance for happiness? Or will it all be lost in a nano-second?

TOYS IN THE ATTIC – Gabrielle can’t believe the Victorian Hotel that her friend Rachel sent her to check out. When she finally drinks up the nerve to check in she is told there are no vacancies until she asks specifically for the attic room. When she enters the room she is immediately drawn to the cloth covered shape by the bed. It turns out to be a statue of a gorgeous man in the throws of orgasm. Before she realizes what she is doing Gaby finds herself seeking her own pleasure with the statue. Then the unthinkable happens and the statue comes to life.

Gavin isn’t a statue at all but a man cursed by a witch to be the sexual toy of whatever woman asks for him. His curse has him turning back to a statue with orgasm only to awaken to a new mistress. But can Gaby break the spell?

WHAT YOU WISH FOR – Lucy was only looking for a place to call home when she bought the 200 year old cottage in Cornwall, England. Now all she needed was a fantastic, sexy man to share it all with. Then the dreams start occurring. Every night she is tempted with the perfect man until one night some how it all becomes real. His name is Cullen Thain and he lives in Cornwall in the year 1806. Lucy has found her Mr. Right, but she has gone back in time to get him. Cullen has just fought in a duel and must now disappear from his home for five years while everything dies down. Can Lucy bring him home with her?

The SECRETS VOLUME 19: TIMELESS PASSIONS anthology has something for everyone that is guaranteed to please. AFFLICTION by Ms. Adams is a wonderful paranormal story that shows that we can’t always chose who we fall in love with. TOYS IN THE ATTIC by Ms. Ferare makes you wonder just what that statue you admire so much is really modeled after and WHAT YOU WISH FOR by Ms. Walker gives us all hope that our erotic dreams have the potential to come true.

But my favorite story was FALLING STARS by Ms. Scott. This proved to be the clincher for me and even if the rest of the stories hadn’t proven as good as they are I would have recommended this anthology simply for this story. It is a brilliant sci-fi story that draws you in from start to finish and makes you want to read it all over again. I loved the emotional pulls of the hero and heroine. Ms. Scott made me understand and relate to both of them and the obstacles that lay in the path of their relationship. All together this is one anthology that is a must read.

Debbie H.
review found at ENCAHNTING REVIEWS and
July 2007 (read in May for Advance Read Copy)

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