Saturday, October 18, 2008

I PUT A SPELL ON YOU by Bronwyn Green

Erotic Paranormal/Witchcraft
Ellora’s Cave
Sensuality Rating: S-ensuous
ISBN# 9781419911651
88 pages
eBook - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Let me introduce you to Temperance Callahan, a witch who has just moved back to her old hometown. She intends to open Mystic Circle, a mystical shop specializing in spells and tarot readings. But the contractor she hired has skipped town with her money and the job left unfinished. How will she and her best friend open on time?

Enter Gray Foster, Temper’s best friend’s brother and owner of a successful construction company. Handsome, smart, good with his hands…Temper has been in love with him since high school, but except for one brief kiss, has stayed away from this love-em-and-leave-em Casanova. Is he willing to do the renovations just for a chance to see Temper again?

When a friend and customer wants a sex spell made up, Temperance goes to work. But during the process, Gray interrupts Temper and she spills a few drops of the potion on herself. That night neither can resist each other and they wind up making love all night long. Temper is sure that it is because of the spell. But Gray doesn’t believe in magic, and can’t believe that Temper does. How can these two get past their beliefs and form a relationship?

I enjoyed reading this book. Although there was plenty of unrequited lust from both of the characters from the beginning of the story, it wasn’t until halfway through that they got together allowing plenty of time for character development. Temper had a bit of a sarcastic nature that hid her insecurities over her weight, while Gray was closed-minded to the idea of magic. It was frustrating to me that these two were so hot for each other, but that Temperance could not believe Gray’s feeling for her were real - instead blaming a spell - and Gray was disparaging about the magic that was so important to Temper. I found myself wanting to shake them a few times. Once the main characters got past their obstacles, they really complemented each other. Their struggle to compromise and find love made an enjoyable tale. I will definitely read more from Ms. Green.

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August 2007

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