Saturday, October 18, 2008

EXCLUSIVE by Eden Bradley, Jaci Burton, and Lisa Renee Jones

Erotic Romance
ISBN# 978-0-425-21707-8
Print - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Devin has never experienced or needed anything or anyone like she has grown to need Shaye. There might be a problem though as Shaye is one of the Dominants from the Ring. He has made his needs and desires available for everyone to see and now he has his sights on Devin.

Devin has, and will always need, control in her life, so the uncontrollable desire to be submission to Shaye’s Dominant confuses her and frightens her more than anything else in her life has. Can Devin get past her new fear of losing control, and can Shaye face the fact he has met the woman meant for him alone? Or, will they never find Sanctuary?

Mike Nottingham and Grace Wylde are two souls separated but finally found. Neither wants a serious commitment, both want sexual gratification, and both are afraid of love. Yet, that is exactly what these two have found together in Grace’s club, Wild Nights. Now can they conquer their stubbornness and the fear of being in love or will they both sacrifice everything they have ever wanted?

Grace is a woman who knows what she wants, Mike is a determined man’s man, and both need each other more than they may ever realize.

Jolene Morrison is looking for her best friend and roommate; the only problem for this half human, half Slayer is that her best friend is seduced into the forbidden and sensual world of the Underground Clubs. These clubs designed for and enforce sexual dominance to the hilt and even this more than human woman may find herself trapped in their world.

Thankfully, Drago is there to help to keep her out of trouble and to tame the fierce need growing inside her. However, will they survive the venture through the forbidden world of female slaves, sensuous nights, and their own mating ritual? Or will their worlds go up in flames around them?

EXCLUSIVE gives a very insightful look into the world of Dominants and Submission and the love that a true pair can actually experience. I enjoyed all three stories of love but found myself drifting away and not gripped from moment to end. Though excellent writing skills are brought together, I am afraid I have to give it 4 Enchantments.


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