Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ellora's Cave
Sensuality Rating: E-rotic
ISBN# 9781419910272
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Heading home to go to her best friend's wedding, Cass Sinclair meets Doug and Damon. Two best friends, closer than brothers could ever be. Cass has a problem though. She needs and wants physical contact, and both Doug and Damon want to provide it for her. Can Cass choose between the two hot hunks? Or will they make the choice for all three of them?

When Doug and Damon see Cass doing a handstand in nothing but her underwear, they decide that this girl just might be the one they are looking for. Doug and Damon share everything, from their home, to their business, and even their women. Can Cass be the one they have been looking for to share their lives with? Or will a stalker and would-be killer take her away from them before they even get the chance?

BARE SEDUCTION is exactly what the title suggests. It is seduction in the most bare of forms. Combine one woman, two men and more heat than any fire could ever reach and you have this hot and erotic tale from Ms. Thorn. This author has not only a great imagination, but also the ability to draw the reader in from the first word and hold them firmly in her grasp until the last. Very hot and satisfying, Ms. Thorn. Very satisfying indeed.

September 2007

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