Saturday, October 18, 2008

SECRETS VOLUME 21: PRIMAL HEAT by Cynthia Eden, Kate St. James, Larissa Ione, and Mia Varano

Caged Wolf by Cynthia Eden (Paranormal/werewolf)
Wet Dreams by Larissa Ione (Contemporary/Adventure/DHS Agent)
Good Vibrations by Kate St. James (Contemporary)
Virgin of the Amazon by Mia Varano (Contemporary/Adventure)
Red Sage Publishing
ISBN# 1-60310-001-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-60310-001-4
316 pages
Print - Available December 2007

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

In CAGED WOLF, Madison Langley is on a mission of vengeance. It was a werewolf that killed her parents and it is a werewolf that she will mete out her own brand of justice to. Alerac La Mort knows with one sniff that he has found his mate…or at least she has found him and captured him. She seeks vengeance and he seeks fulfillment by claiming his mate. Who will win when it is all said and done?

In WET DREAMS, Marina is about to embark on her dream of making her father proud. Her boat, Wet Dreams is ready for its maiden voyage. She is asleep, having one of the most erotic dreams of her life when the sound of gunfire awakens her. A stranger appears on her boat claiming to be the good guy but looking like only a bad boy could. Can she trust him with her boat? Her life? Her heart?

In GOOD VIBRATIONS, Lexi O’Brien is keeping watch over her aunt’s store and an eye out for her favorite customer. Gage Templeton comes in once a month to stock up on needed supplies at Grin and Bare It. Maybe this time Lexi can talk him into more than just supplies…like maybe someone to use them with.

In VIRGIN OF THE AMAZON, Anna Winters gets separated from her tour group in the Amazon. She is delighted when she stumbles upon a group of men…until they take her back to their village as a gift to their shaman. It seems that he has had a vision that a virgin pale skinned woman would come to him as his fourth wife and by claiming her it would bring luck to the village. The only one to save her is the village charlatain King Koop. But can she trust him with her heart?

I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of stories. Comprised of a variety of stories it is sure to please readers. I must admit that my favorite story was CAGED WOLF by Ms. Eden. It is the first of her series that I have read but you can be sure that I will be eagerly searching for all of the others. And Ms. St. James has just found a spot on my must have list. SECRETS VOLUME 21: PRIMAL HEAT is worth every penny of its price. It definitely left me eager for the next volume.

Debbie H.
review found at ENCAHNTING REVIEWS and
August 2007

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