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Erotic Sci-Fi
Sensuality Rating: Romantic Spankings
ABCD Graphics and Design
11 chapters
Zip File - Available August 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Introducing Cindra Mallory, a fairly new bounty hunter with things to prove. Her father has told her bounty hunting stories all her life but doesn’t believe she has what it takes because of her gender. She wants to prove him wrong so she goes after a very nasty criminal, Marek DelCour. She has trailed Marek to the planet Pendari, but the trail is now cold and she is quickly running out of credits. She refuses to give up and go home empty-handed.

Meet the Bounty Hunter, Bladen Sloan. A well-known bounty hunter with a stellar reputation, Cindra decides to enlist his help in catching Marek. She makes up a story about Marek being her fiancé who stole family heirlooms. She feels bad about lying to Bladen, but he can’t know she is a bounty hunter or he might decide not to help her.

Cindra has been hot on the trail of wanted bad guy Marek for months. She is almost out of money, but there is no way she is going home without her quarry. In desperation, she asks the handsome Bladen to help her locate him. Of course, she can’t pay him with credits, but she doesn’t mind exploring the mutual attraction between them and bargaining with her body. Bladen agrees to 10 sexual encounters as payment; but soon finds out that Cindra has been dishonest to him. Should he pretend he doesn’t know and continue to engage in the mutually gratifying sex? If he confronts her with the truth, can this burgeoning relationship survive the deceit? And how can they work together to capture the bad guy without being captured themselves?

Everything about this story was fantastic! Dynamic characters, wonderful world-building, fast-paced and exciting plot, and sensational love scenes! I would recommend this book for anyone, even if you have never read erotica or BDSM stories before. This is not a typical domination story, but the love scenes are enhanced with pleasurable spanking. The heat between Cindra and Blade produces sparks each time they come together and the spankings only adds to the fire. The spankings are romantic and arousing and portrayed with honest desire. It is obvious that the spankings are for Cindra’s enjoyment; she is exposed, but receptive. While a ‘warmed’ bottom is not my thing in real life, I can certainly say that reading about it brought some pink to my cheeks. I will be reading more from Ms. Tyler guaranteed!

Ms. Tyler has many ways for her fans to keep in contact with her, including her website at, a MySpace page, a blog, and her email at She also writes under the names Madison Kincaide and Samantha Danvers.

September 2007

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