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fantasy, young adult, paranormal romance
ISBN# 1847286542
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Rating: 3 Enchantments

In the beginning, our young heroine, Sarah, escapes the vicious Ven'eelg - a creature with the upper body of a human, and the tail of a serpent - by flying, something she never knew she could do. In her attempt to distance herself from the Ven'eelg, Sarah encounters dragons, Spidr’ ac - the spider version of a centaur, Bate'evon - vampires with bat form, and finally, Jake.

Jake is an elite warrior, one of the legendary flying men who fight evil beings like the Ven’eelg and the dragons. Due to circumstances, Jake has an excess of power, which he shares with those strong enough to become warriors. Jake informs Sarah that he’d been watching her and shared some of his power with her to help her get away.

Jake and Sarah come to an agreement, whereby he teaches her how to become a stealth warrior. A problem arises when Sarah’s appearance as a warrior sends Jake running to his co-chief, Torin, asking him to find someone else to train Sarah because he’s too attracted to her.

Torin performs a mind probe on Sarah and discovers that she should be trained as an elite warrior, not stealth. He informs Jake that he is to speed up Sarah’s training. While the energy crackles and fizzles between Jake and Sarah, they manage to continue her training, and even go out on assignment to enemy territory. Very soon they find out that a she-serpent named Ley’dya is on Jake’s trail and after the excess of power he holds.

Before long, a host of dragons, Ven’eelg, Spidr’ac, and Bate’evon are gathered to make war on the Warriors and those they protect.

To save those he loves, Jake lets his power consume him as he unleashes it to destroy the enemy. To save the man she loves, Sarah absorbs as much of that power as she can through a very tender, steamy, setting-fire-to-equipment kiss that can only leave us mere mortals jealous and in awe.

I have to give Ms. Yong props here. Her story is very creative. I truly cannot think of one single book I have ever read that has included anything even remotely close to the Spidr’ac in WARRIOR GIRL.

I’m also very much in like with her comparisons, which added a level of humor to this fantastic story. In my humble opinion, Ms. Yong has a ton of potential that she has tapped into here, and with a little more experience, could be on the level with David Farland (Wizard Born). This is worth the read, especially when you see what the imagination can create!

Enchanting Reviews
August 2007

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