Saturday, October 18, 2008

GRAVE SURPRISE by Charlaine Harris

Penguin Berkley Prime
ISBN# 0-425-21203-3
Hardback - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Harper Connolly is back in the all-new edition GRAVE SURPRISE. In this one, Harper and Tolliver Lang, her step-brother and manager, are in Memphis for a college experiment. Harper and Tolliver have been hired to read the graves on the campus cemetery of Bingham College. Harper, of course, is there to prove that she is real and Dr. Nunley, the professor that hired her, is trying to prove that she is not.

Harper aces the exam. I mean why wouldn’t she, Harper is the real deal. Though an unexpected surprise meets Harper at the end of the test when she finds the body of Tabitha Morgenstern, a little girl missing for over a year. Harper and Tolliver were hired to find her in Nashville, and though Harper looked to the best of her ability and beyond, the case was left unsolved and the body not found until now.

Finding Tabitha has not only drawn the press to Harper and Tolliver again, but also opened a very vicious can of worms in the Morgenstern family. Now the only way Harper and Tolliver can move on is to find out what happened to the little girl.

Harper has other problems creeping up as well, it seems that Tolliver has let his libido carry him to far and he had a short relationship with one of the Morgenstern’s family members. Can Tolliver give up Felicia and continue to travel with Harper or has Harper's life and the way she feels about Tolliver change too much to recover? Also will Harper continue to receive unexpected visitors or was Josiah a one shot visit?

Ms. Harris does it again. I absolutely was hooked from beginning to end and cannot say I stopped reading until it was over. GRAVE SURPRISE is fabulously well written and true to Ms. Harris style. She leaves the readers wanting and needing more. I cannot wait until the newest installment of the Harper Connolly Mysteries comes out.

A mystery that not only keeps you guessing but also grips you and wont let go.

September 2007

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