Saturday, October 18, 2008

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR by Jennifer Echols

Simon Pulse
Young Adult Romantic Comedy
ISBN# 1-4169-1831-0
Print - Available now

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

Lori loves summertime. She spends her summers wakeboarding, swimming and working at the marina with the Vader brothers next door.

But this summer’s going to be different. For one, Lori’s going to turn sixteen and she’s determined to go from tomboy to girlfriend - Sean Vader’s girlfriend to be precise. All she needs is a little make over and she’s convinced he’ll be hers.

Step one in the makeover seems to work. Sean spends the boat ride flirting with her but when she sees him kissing his brother’s girlfriend, she realizes her plan might need a little tweaking. And what better way to get his attention then to make him jealous?

And no better candidate than his younger brother and her best friend, Adam.

Sure, Adam looks just like Sean. But his eyes are just a little lighter. And the only way at times she can tell them apart is the skull and crossbones chain Adam wears that she gave him years ago. So pretending to be in love with Adam should be easy, just pretend he’s Sean. Except Lori doesn’t expect the fake relationship to feel so real. The fake date seems real enough to her. And so do the kisses.

Lori’s antics will make you laugh and watching her realize Adam’s feelings for her are more real than she wants to admit keeps the reader turning pages. THE BOYS NEXT DOOR is an entertaining read by Ms.Echols.

Enchanting Reviews
August 2007

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