Saturday, October 18, 2008


Erotic Romance
Sensuality Rating: Erotic
ISBN# 978-0-425-71749-8
Print - Available now

Rating: 5 enchantments

FOR HER PLEASURE includes three gripping tales of love, trust, and happiness. Meet five incredible people on their journey through life and eventually love.

In the first story 'What She Wants', you will meet Kit, Mac, and Ryder; three friends who had been through thick and thin while growing up together, but then Mac and Ryder left, leaving Kit behind.

Now that the boys are back, they have decided that they want Kit, and she knows that she has wanted them for years. Rumor has it that they have shared more than one woman in the past and now it seems they want Kit. Kit has her own demons to face, will she come out alive and face an even greater fear, trust, or will the evil presence from her past take everything away from her?

In the next story 'What She Needs', Ryder, Kit and Mac have returned and now it seems that Love has decided to play a major role in the lives of these three. This would normally be a good thing, but Ryder has fallen for Kit hard and now she is Mac’s woman. In an attempt to bring them back together, Mac and Kit invite Ryder on a trip for three out of town. The sparks fly and the emotions are high but none higher than when the weekend brings an unexpected surprise.

The story doesn’t stop with this twist, it seems that pain and desperation are next on the list. Can these three ever get it together or will a bullet and hidden love kill everything?

In our final story, we meet a friend of Ryder’s, Mia, and the man of her dreams, Jack. This sounds like a fairytale story come true, but all great things have even tougher times.

Jack and Mia have found each other again, however, this time Mia is no longer the sweet and innocent girl he knew and a woman possessed. Now Jack has to use every trick he ever learned, and Mia has to do something she sworn to never do again, and that is to trust Jack Kincaid.

These three stories and five lives are irrevocably changed forever. We can only hope that it is for the good, and not a painful ending. Ms. Banks’ erotica is a sweet and loving glimpse into this exciting genre.

August 2007

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Villemo said...

I have just read first two stories about the happy trio. I think they are briliant!

Honestly, I was glued to every single page. The story itself is very interesting, what makes the hot sex scenes a very nice bonus.

Great read for a cold Autum evening!

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