Saturday, October 18, 2008

TORRID TEASERS VOLUME 37: DARKE SECRETS and RAVEN by Mikala Ash and Susan M. Sailors

Contemporary Paranormal Romance
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
ISBN# 978-1-59374-986-6
eBook - Available 2007

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Killian is a police officer. On a random call one night, she prevents an attempted murder assault on renowned music composer Michael Darke. Attracted to the musician’s brooding looks and seductive charm, Killian falls under his spell. There is only one hitch - Michael has a lot of secrets, none less concerning Claudia, his sister, and also the woman who wants to kill him. Killian has secrets of her own, but will these be enough in the balance to counter Michael’s dark ones?

RAVEN by Susan M. Sailors
On a visit to Edgar Allan Poe’s college room at the University of Virginia, Lorelei bumps into a handsome, sexy man who answers to the name of Raven. The attraction between them is spell-binding, so much so that a deep relationship forms between them. Raven is a paranormal investigator who hunts ghosts. He feels there is more to his meeting with Lorelei. Outside forces are at work here, and both come to wonder whether love is on the cards, and whether it is Good or Evil that has brought them together.

I was spellbound by these two stories. Both authors write with a distinctive flair, wrapping the reader in a tapestry woven by skillful use of words. Emotions ran rampant, and the heat was up all right.

Ms. Ash distils notes of suspense really well in her dark, almost gothic tale. Yet, the characters shine off the page, and the surprising conclusion she brings to her tale is poignant and leaves the reader gasping with the revelation. Only one thing jarred me here – this story was way too short. I could have read more – and I wanted to actually – but it ended way too soon. Congratulations on leaving me so hungry though, Ms. Ash.

Ms. Sailors created a lively and deeply romantic world. I could almost smell the campus, feel the breeze, see the world she depicted. Her characters also leapt off the page. She also brings a marvelous closure to her tale, one which takes the reader by surprise. The little references she makes to college life also inserted notes of humor in the story. Again, it ended too soon.

I would very much recommend this book. It allows for a very good escape. Yet, there is always this little touch with reality. The authors achieve this with their characters, people you begin to root for from the first page itself.

August 2007

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