Saturday, October 18, 2008

HANNAH’S LAW by Roxanne Springer

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
ISBN# 978-1-59374-972-9
eBook - Available now

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

Hannah Faraday, a tough and tumble beauty. Her overbearing, crippled father has pushed her into both a position and mental state that has taken away her true femininity and joy for living.

Bryce LaCroix, a big handsome strapping fellow from back east heading out west to start life anew as a shop keeper.

Bryce LaCroix life’s suddenly takes an ugly turn when he accidentally rides across the Faraday Ranch and into the shotgun sights of Hannah Faraday. Given a choice between dying on the spot and being a short-term breeding stud for Hannah, he quickly chooses the later. Knowing that as soon as the proof is in the pudding with Hannah his life will again be on the line, he works all his effort to heat up Hannah’s cold heart with the hope to at least walk away from the ranch alive.

As he begins wooing in earnest, he discovers the reason behind Hannah’s demeanor and his desire for freedom turns to sympathy to heal the beautiful Hannah. Hannah’s cold heart melts and she finds the strength with the aid of Bryce to stand-up to her father, resulting in not just a new potential grandchild but a new son-in-law.

So far so good, as the merriment of the wedding kicks off, Hannah’s brother Kirk returns to the ranch from a twelve year absence. Thought to have died during the civil war, Kirk explains that he has been in Europe recovering and learning medicine and skills he would one day need as the head of the ranch. Happy that his son has returned to run the ranch, Big Ernie downplays Hannah’s twelve years of hard work and torment of running the ranch and quickly removes her from the position he had forced her to accept, little knowing his son’s true darker nature and plans - to take over the ranch and sell it as soon as is father is dead, to live a life of a rich sodomite in Europe. But certain events cause his plans to go awry.

Ms. Springer spins an interesting and intriguing web with this historical tale, delving into the darker natures that lurk within us all.

Not normally one for dark tales, I found the book balanced and interesting but not going grossly overboard. Ms. Springer does spin a very interesing tale that flows well and provides a balance of imagery that very few writers of this genre do as well as she.

Rowan E. Wagner
August 2007

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