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Fantasy, young adult, paranormal romance
ISBN# 1847283004
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Rating: 3 Enchantments

Jake and Sarah are back! Sort of. Sarah’s been snatched away to another realm by a Bara’ad, a creature resembling black jelly, whose tentacle-touch can paralyze. Jake hears her telepathic cry for help and follows her in. Only then does he realize that their powers are gone.

Jake sees the Bara’ad making off with his lady love and chases after them. When Jake attacks, he casts around for a weapon and spies an unexpected one! A fruit known as a fire melon. When a rock covered in the juice of the fire melon hits the creature, it fades away, leaving Sarah behind in one piece.

As Jake and Sarah help themselves to the warm fruit to keep up their strength and repelthe Bara’ad, Jake tells Sarah he’s been to this realm before but retained his powers. Something new has taken them away.

After a run-in with a sea-serpent, the couple takes shelter in a nearby cave for the night. The next morning, after feasting on roasted fowl and fashioning themselves some arrows, the couple is attacked by Spidr’ac. To get away, Jake lassoes a flying horse, and lifts himself and Sarah out of the clutches of the horrible beasts. The horse wings the couple out over a mountain range dividing the real in two. On the other side of the range, Dark Beasts are working hard and preparing for battle. Jake figures that the Dark Beasts arethere to test the very device that is suppressing the Warriors powers.

This very suppression device is taken to the realm where the Warriors reside, and battle rages through out the world. People are infected and become Dark Creatures. Warriors fall prey to tricks and cruelty and die. One of the Warriors has been swayed, through his greed and jealousy, to turn on his comrades and plant the power-suppression device under their very noses!

In this sequel to WARRIOR GIRL, Ms. Yong brings us a world even more exciting than the last. The fire melons – both a weapon and a food – sound positively yummy. And Jake and Sarah seem even more in love than before, if that’s possible!

Again, I have to give Ms. Yong a hand. Her imagination is truly astounding. Each new world is more fantastic and mind boggling than the next.

Enchanting Reviews
August 2007

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