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SAMHAIN SCORCHERS ANTHOLOGY by B.J. Franklin, Michelle Houston, Michelle Marquis, Bethany Michaels, Shannon Peters, J.T. Shultz, and Rusty Wicks

Paranormal Romance
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
ISBN# 978-1-59374-984-2
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

One Way to Venice by Rusty Wicks
A trip to a small island around Venice opens a new world and a new path for a lonely, single woman.

Destiny’s Star by J.T. Schultz
When a werewolf and a witch meet, sparks are bound to fly. The cloak of evil also threatens to close in on them at any minute.

Faith, Hope and Chastity by B.J. Franklin
Territorial markings are fiercely defended by vampires. Can a female vampire defend hers against a gorgeous vampire closing in on her? More precisely, does she want to?

Laws of Nature by Michelle Houston
When you’re a were, you mate for life. What happens if your mate is the quiet and very human guy-next-door?

Hart and Souls by Bethany Michaels
Dealing with ghosts and relocating them – all in a days’ work for a young woman. However, things take a new turn when she finds her perfect man. The catch – he is a ghost.

The Raven’s Curse by Shannon Peters
An Aerian is cursed by a witch to spend his days as a statue. When he finds the woman who can undo this curse, there is only one problem. She thinks he is only a piece of stone.

The Doomsday Incident by Michelle Marquis
He is a prisoner, she is his prison guard. The fight against an alien invasion, however, brings them together.

I admit I have rarely found a book I have devoured as rapidly as I did this one. The stories just flew before me, sapping my control. All I wanted, all I craved, was to read it all.

This, I suppose, can be attributed to the lovely and distinct voices of the authors. One author strikes out above the lot in this respect, and it is B.J Franklin with Faith, Hope and Chastity. Voice alone could have carried this story, and the often funny recounting of a vampire’s existence ran right along the storyline.

Or else, satisfaction can be found in the stories of love in every one of the plots. In this respect, the yearning and feelings of Hart and Souls by Bethany Michaels were heart-wrenching. The depth of emotions can only make the reader root for this couple, hoping against hope that they do find a way for their love to exist. The Raven’s Curse by Shannon Peters also captures the heart. Profoundly human characters grab your attention and a part of your soul as their own souls meet. One Way to Venice by Rusty Wicks nearly tore my heart with its bitter-sweet agony. The pain and sadness of the characters all but tears your soul. Yet, Ms. Wicks provides hope and a promise of a new future. Laws of Nature by Michelle Houston provided a strikingly ‘normal’ setting for the paranormal premise of her story. In a way, the love story she pens makes it even more credible and appealing.

Action and suspense were always around the corner too. The Doomsday Incident by Michelle Marquis captures this premise really well. The unlikely pair is brought together in a really realistic way which leaves no doubt in the mind. Destiny’s Star by J.T. Schultz also captures adventure and drama, heightening the pulse as the story progresses.

All in all, every story carried its own brand of magic. Magic of the storyline, and magic of the authors’ writing. It is one book I would recommend to everyone looking for a good time, an escape from reality, and also to anyone who wants to witness the magic of love happen across places, planes, and between unique individuals. Of course, the scorching sex scenes and the blazing heat in every story do help as well. But for once, the heat does not override the story, and is just one part of a bigger whole.

A delightful read! To be highly recommended.

Sptember 2007

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