Saturday, October 18, 2008

SIMON SAYS by Lori Foster

ISBN# 978-0-425-21658-3
Print - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

I am hooked, and (excuse the pun) no I don’t mean a right hook either. I am and will be a devoted reader of these great heroines, and masculine, yet oh-so-gentle heroes. What an amazing second book (check out my review of CAUSING HAVOC)!

In this installment of the SBC (Supreme Battle Challenge) stories, Simon "the Sublime" Evans has decided to get back into the ring and compete once again. Simon however has more than a simple battle with Harley to contend with but the very intriguing, brassy and somewhat broken Dakota Dream and his need for her to fight as well.

Dakota has had a hard life and frightening past, but not one to be bowled over by anybody, she has finally found a way to escape her stepfather Barnaby. Dakota has enough guilt over her mother’s death and for making the worst mistake of her life marrying Marvin Dream. All Barnaby wants is for Dakota to get Simon to see him. Dakota could not have realized that her favorite SBC fighter would be the one man to get her blood racing yet again.

As if these two did not have enough problems, Marvin has decided to reclaim what is his, and he is not above hurting her and anybody else to get it. Can Dakota survive the attentions of her ex-husband? Can she ever really trust Simon, and will he forgive her for the people whom she knows and is related too?

Wow! Amazing, astounding. WOW! I absolutely loved SIMON SAYS. Not a huge sports fan, some of the terminology would have stumped or bored me but Ms. Foster knows her way with words and brings passion to an otherwise frightening sport. All I could say when I finished this was, "When is the next one due"? Will it be Barber, Mallet, or Harley next? Please say that there is a next one, Ms. Foster…and please hurry!

September 2007

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Lori Foster said...

I'm so flattered. :-) Thank you for the enthusiastic review. Yes, there was another. And another besides that. ;-)
Hard to Handle was out Feb 08, featuring Harley Handleman, and this coming February will be My Man, Michael, featuring Michael "Mallet" Manchester.
I hope you enjoy both of them too!

My best,


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