Saturday, October 18, 2008

PASSION OF ISIS by Madelynne Ellis

Erotic Fiction
Black Lace/Virgin Books
ISBN# 0-352-33993-4
Print - Available 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Dr. Adie Hamilton had received her PhD in Archeology and was working on a hieroglyphic manuscript. But in her heart she wanted more, she wanted to find a piece of history, wanting a discovery of her own. After she realized that she needed more help with the manuscript she was working on, she went to her mentor's office and that is when she heard his voice - it reached in to her soul.

Adie overheard them talking about the dig site in Egypt. He was asking her mentor about anybody he knew to work on a dig site in Egypt with him and his crew. She knew she had to find a way to get on that dig but would her mentor Joe Levine approve?

Dr. Simon Killian Carmichael was a past student of Joe Levine, but when Adie approached him about recommending her for the job, he told her that he was sending some others to the dig. How was she to know about Killian's past, about how he almost destroyed his career?

Everything was riding on this dig site. He had rediscovered a tome that had one of the world's few erotic murals in it but it was missing a certain piece of fragment of the Pharaoh Horus and with one team member hurt he needed help. When Killian saw her, he knew that she was going to go with him to Egypt, but could he keep it all business with her working so closely? She had stirred something up in him that had not been there in a very long time.

PASSION OF ISIS is full of heart pounding action on and off the dig site. Ms. Ellis brings Adie, Killian and the rest of his staff to life. Each character is written with knowledge and passion that draws you in, and captures you until the very end of the book. She places you in the middle of a Pharaoh's Tome...

This book is very well written and highly recommended.

September 2007

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