Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sci-Fi Romance
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Sensuality Rating: Sensual
ISBN# 978-1-60313-000-4
229 pages
eBook - Available July 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Let me introduce you to Hannah, a woman in an unbearable situation and who feel she cannot escape it. A woman with a kind and gentle soul who wants so much for someone to treat her with a little kindness and love. A woman who sees an escape, and who just needs the courage to take it.

Now let’s meet Jebaral. This is the kind of man women dream about - kind, gentle, a man with such a sweetness about him that just draws women to him. A man that seems too good to be true. And he is just waiting for the right one to come along.

This is the story of two people who are looking for the same thing. A love to last a lifetime. But first, Hannah will have to get away from the man she fears the most. A man who will stop at nothing to keep her. But her heart yearns for the one who treats her like no one else ever has. And she will stop at nothing to be with the one she dreams about - Jebaral. A man who also has a secret. One he fears will never let her be his. A secret that could tear them apart.

This book has it all, romance, science fiction and adventure...I could not put this book down, I had to finish it. The characters are so compelling. You just had to know what happens next. I loved the interaction between the two characters. The gentleness of the hero made you kind of misty eyed. And the heroine made you feel the same things that she did. The writing in this book was so real it made you look up and wonder and maybe even hope a little.

What can I say about Ms. Mooney besides the fact she is a GREAT author? She is an author with such a vivid storytelling ability. An author who makes you root for her heroes and heroines. An author who makes you cry when the charaters do. It has been awhile since a story has touched me like this and made me cry. And I cannot wait for more.

September 2007

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