Saturday, October 18, 2008

HALF PAST HELL by Jaye Roycraft

Paranormal Suspense
ImaJinn Books
ISBN# 1933417315
eBook - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

John Kilpatrick isn’t too happy about being paired with a ‘squid’, and vampire Wulf Duvall isn’t all that thrilled about being partnered with a ‘meatball’.

But after Midnight Storm, Vampires flock to Milwaukee, renamed Chicago North – Chi-No for short. Vampires are recognized as a people and given legal rights, even jobs in law enforcement.

When killings begin to happen in the vampire slums, Kilpatrick and Vall are sent in to investigate. What they find could start a war: the bottled blood produced to sustain vampires is poisoned!

As Vall gets deeper and deeper into the investigation, everyone is suspect, from his longtime friend to his new love interest, Veronica Main, daughter to Senator Main, who helped arrange the laws and systems by which Vampires live.

Kilpatrick’s world is turned upside down by his wife, who is overcoming her prejudice against vampires, thanks to Vall’s quick action to save her man’s life. For Kilpatrick, this means reconsidering his world in a whole new light.

I loved this book. It was meaty, full of juicy, personal details about the characters that made them seem very real. Ms. Roycraft puts the undead in a very human light. She tackles racism and greed head on, while leaving the reader in complete suspense, living out every word with her characters!

Most excellent! I’m desperately awaiting the sequel, HELL’S WARRIOR.

August 2007

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