Saturday, October 18, 2008

WITCH’S JOURNEY by Karen McCullough

ImaJinn Books
ISBN# 1-893896-90-0
eBook/Print - Available 2007

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

Jinissa is in transport to the king after being accused of witchcraft. The man leading the way hates the Calavrians with a passion because of a Calavrian girl from his past - one who had him beaten for her own sins.

Though he tries to remember to stay angry, Stephan can’t help but fall under the spell of his charge. She defies the image of the evil witch, and instead proves to him that she only has the desire to use her gifts for the right reasons.

Jinissa has her own shameful secret to keep from the king, one that could threaten her country, her life and her newfound love with Stephen.

I was impressed with this book. While it seems to plod along in the beginning, it quickly picks up the pace and sweeps you over the edge. The emotions brought forth here, from the tenderness between Jinissa and Stephan, to the frustrations of their situations, are amazing. It’s incredibly real!

My only issue with this work is that the end felt like it came far too soon! Kudos and props for a job well done!

August 2007

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