Saturday, October 18, 2008

MIDNIGHT ALLEY by Rachel Caine

Young Adult Paranormal
ISBN# 978-045-22238-1
Print - Available August 2007

RATING: 5 Enchantments

Claire Danvers, college student, pledged to a Master Vampire...well a slave of the Master Vampire, has a full life and is only 16 years old. Claire, though extremely intelligent, still finds herself making mistakes. Huge mistakes. Morganville, Texas is not your ordinary small town, but a town ruled by Vampires, one in particular - Amelie, the same vampire Claire enslaved herself to in order to save her family and friends. If all of this was not bad enough, Claire’s boyfriend, Shayne, is being a jerk; Michael went from house ghost to vampire; Monica, her sworn enemy is being nice; and Claire now has to work with a psychotic vampire to save the vampire clan.

Can this be what it means to be protected - ha, enslaved is more like it - by a vampire? Does the fact that Amelie can now order her around, offer her up as kibble to another vampire, and having everyone pissed at her, is that what protected really is?

MIDNIGHT ALLEY, the third in the Morganville vampires series, is addicting, yes, thrilling, well yeah, but so sweet at times with Claire’s view of the world that any person young or old will enjoy reading it. My only regret is that I caught the series in the middle and was not able to meet each of these characters from the beginning. The ending itself is a teasing temptation into what is to come and I am going to find the find the first two (and reread MIDNIGHT ALLEY) as I wait on the forth addition of the story. Not much romance in this, but a great read!

Ms. Caine has a true talent and a unique voice and mind. Her work is not-to-be missed, no matter what book you get your hands on. Though I will warn you, you will find yourself looking for others in the series.

Enchanting Reviews
August 2007

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