Saturday, October 18, 2008


Fantasy Romance
Dorchester Publishing
ISBN# 978-0-8439-5977
Print - Available October 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Let me introduce you to a young girl named Ellysetta. She is not real sure of her past and could not even dream of the future that is ahead of her. She is a young woman full of magic but has been taught to fear it. But then she meets the one she could only dream about. The one that has the world in his hands. And she cannot even imagine what he would want with her. A man of Legends. And can he convince her of his true feelings for her?

Now for our hero. Rain is a Tarien Soul. A man who scorched the earth over the lost of his beloved. A man who fought darkness and won. A man of such complex emotions even he cannot believe the miracle happening to him. He has found his soul mate, something that has never happened for a Tarien Soul. Especially one that is not of his kind.

This is the story of a love that can bring peace to a world or bring it to its knees. A young girl has the chance to bring peace to a land of broken souls. A girl who must embrace the magic she possesses. She must learn to adapt to a way of life that she has never experienced. And the man who has brought her to this new way of life will have his hands full for he must protect her from herself and the others that do not want them together. Because they must be together or the earth will be scorched again and worse.

I really loved this story. It had everything I love in a great book – Romance, magic, fantasy and a HOT hero. The characters are so compelling they wrap you up in their story and don’t let you go. You feel the emotions of the characters and you want so much to talk to them even though you know it is just a book. It felt like the story had a mind of its own. And you were only along for the ride. I cannot wait for the other books. I hope the author is a fast writer or I might go through book withdrawal.

I do not know much about this author but I cannot wait to find out more about her and her stories.

September 2007

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