Saturday, October 18, 2008

WINNING CHANCE by Betty Jo Schuler

Contemporary Romance
Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN# 078-1-59374-750-3
eBook/Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Meet Lori Hayes, a woman who does not know her own worth, but tries to help others by running a Gently Used Clothing Shop, where you can find name brands and more. Lori is there to help others and someone has decided to help herself.

Now meet Red, she is Lori but her neighbor Calvin does not know it.

Calvin is actually Chase Dawson, and he has met the woman of his dreams in trying to win a contest where he and the lucky lady fall in love and get the home of their dreams.

It’s a shame that Chase doesn’t know that the girl next door is Lori or that she doesn’t know he is really Calvin. Yet, Lori and Chase cannot fight their desire for each other or the forces pushing them together. Even if it is a reality TV show and neither thinks they have room for love in their lives.

This story is too cute; we are constantly hitting our own foreheads wondering when they are going to wake up. The story of these two is so real and vivid you are wondering what is going to happen next and cannot put the book down until it is too late.

Ms. Schuler is a talented author and was exactly what this reviewer was looking for.

August 2007

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