Saturday, October 18, 2008


Erotic Sci-Fi Quickie
Sensuality Rating: Exotika
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN# 9781419911293
58 pages
eBook - Available August

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Louisa ‘Lulu’ Bertrand has been after ‘gentleman’ thief Nick for six years, three months, and one week. He has always remained one step ahead of her. She is a retired security expert with only one ‘failure’ - her inability to capture Nick - and she can’t let it go even though it is no longer her job to bring him to justice.

Nick is the most obscure, agile criminal that LuLu has ever chased. He enjoys matching wits against LuLu, the game of cat-and-mouse, the chase…the foreplay. Nick is smooth, wily, and hopelessly in love with Chief LuLu. He loves woman, all types of woman, but LuLu is his Goddess, his Queen. Everything he does is meant to keep her interest in him, even becoming an ‘informant’ on himself.

Intergalactic Nick has a reputation. He is one of the most skilled lovers this side of the Percival System. He uses that skill to render his rich ‘victims’ unconscious, then steal money and valuables from them. His victims don’t seem to mind him helping himself - they never press charges, with the hope that he’ll come back. Chief LuLa hates these vapid, weak women. But she admits to a little jealousy, too. What will she do when she gets a chance to get her hands on Nick? Will she be able to fulfill her curiosity before turning him in to the authorities? Can Nick convince her of his adoration before it’s too late?

This is a fun little romp. LuLu and Nick had great chemistry! I would love to see more interactions between the two. Chief LuLu was definitely up to Nick’s challenge of dishing it out, and the back-and-forth repartee was amusing. Nick’s talking Mr. Dick cracked me up, and his un-repented arrogance was a huge turn-on. I had a splendid time reading this quickie; it left me with a satisfied smile on my face.

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