Saturday, October 18, 2008

DÉJÀ VU YOU by Beverly Rae

Paranormal, Ghost/Humor
eXtasy Books
ISBN# 1-55410-799-7
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Tammy Lou Robertson didn’t realize the shock of her life was going to happen after she had already died, but that is exactly how it happened. Staring down at her body, she realizes many things at once and none of them are what she ever expected. Sure, she knew she was going to die someday and everyone did, right? But dang, she was too young, wasn’t she? Guess someone didn’t think so, but clumsy falling down the stairs was a little much, right?

Now there is no reason to fear. Tammy is not alone and though she loves her husband Brad desperately at the time of her death, she is being drawn by her - what was it he called himself - oh that’s right, her Celestial Advisor, Jonas Jackson.

Jonas has been dead for a while now - he died in the Civil War - but nothing and no one shocks him more than Tammy did. She was trouble right from the start and he knew it, but he never realized she would be the trouble that finally reaches his lonely soul and desperate heart. Now that she has decided to become alive again, he has no choice but to accept her wishes. What he didn’t know until it was too late, was that Tammy had other plans than getting on with her new life in the body of Lottie Lorenza.

As someone who loves all forms of romances, this one was one of my favorites. Ms. Rae has talent literally pouring out of her fingers. If she is anything like this spunky creature Tammy she created, then, you go girl. I hope this is the first of many more books this lucky reviewer gets to read by Ms. Rae.

August 2007

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