Saturday, October 18, 2008

THE YIN YANG EFFECT by Dana Littlejohn

Ocean's Mist Press
Sensuality Rating: Tidal Wave
ISBN# 1-934057-00-2
117 pages
eBook - Available July 2007

Rating: 3 Enchantments

African-American twins Pearl and Opal Jefferson live a blissful life along with their best friend, and Latina chick, Debra Flores. They have a beautiful house, a car, a successful business, pretty faces and nice bodies. Theirs is a ‘simple’ life, rhythmed by parties, outings, and no-strings-attached sex.

Until the day Jake steps into their life. He falls for Pearl, which would be great, but he is Caucasian. Another white guy, Doug, has the hots for Opal, while African-American Rakim falls hard for Debra. There is also Jake’s racist brother, Frank, to contend with in this explosive multi-racial mix.

The girls are not really enthusiastic about the guys. Or so it seems. But things are not as they seem. Pearl crosses the line they had set – it’s no longer just for sex. She is in love with Jake, and wants more. A full relationship, in fact.

Will she be able to stand up for their relationship? Both her sister and Jake’s brother are against their association. And Pearl opens a whole can of worms with her decision – can interracial relationships really work, even in today’s times?

The book starts with a good premise. However, I have to say the main issue got lost somewhere along the way. Too much happening, too many episodes of day-to-day life, too many details - which in the end, prevented the author from really getting into her characters’ heads. The implications the premise raises are lost and barely touched upon. In a way, the story almost reads like chick-lit, but unfortunately, the reader is not drawn enough into the minds of the characters. In many places, the dialogue was also hard to follow, since the author places three or more female characters in a scene and refers to most of them as ‘she’. The identification of the speaker is lost, rendering a chaotic dynamic to the mix.

It still remains a book of acceptable standard, especially if one is looking for a light and time-passing read.

September 2007

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