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Erotic Contemporary BDSM
Sensuality Rating: E-rotic
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN# 9781419909887
67 pages
eBook - Available now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Sarah Fairland is woman in complete control - of her life, of her job, of the people around her. A no-nonsense, commanding woman in the boardroom, she has no room for relaxing or letting go. No person, male or female, is going to dictate to her.

Drew Bennett is Sarah’s personal trainer. Handsome, casual and laid-back. Or so Sarah thinks. But he has a thing or two about control to teach Sarah. Because it’s his way or no way.

Sarah has the hots for her handsome personal trainer, but he seems to ignore the sexual vibe she is throwing off. Until one day he changes up her training routine to include a workout she can‘t forget. And when he sends a flogger to her work with a note daring her to meet him again, she can‘t refuse the challenge. But can Sarah relinquish complete control to Drew? Will she allow Drew to dominate her and teach her the joyful relationship between pain and pleasure?

TAKING IT PERSONAL is the fourth and final book in the ‘Taboo’ series, and what a wonderful finale it is. Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone; however, reading all the books together will enrich the experience. Ms. McCray is one of my favorite erotic writers and this book is no exception. Ms. McCray has a rare talent in that everything she writes is worth reading. I loved this story and know you will too. I only have one complaint - the book ended and now I have to wait until Ms. McCray pens another story for me to read.

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August 2007

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