Saturday, October 18, 2008


Contemporary Erotica
Loose Id
ISBN# 978-1-59632-490-9
eBook - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Jewel or Julia Marciella is a private investigator and a self-reliant woman, however when her expertise is needed, Julia finds herself playing the role of Jewel. Jewel is a woman who is wanting and needing a job as a waitress at a very exclusive resort where sex is not only encouraged but many times viewed by one and all. Julia is there to find a man who has been blackmailing her client, but she finds herself wrapped up in a bigger mystery and the arms of a very dominant man.

Ethan Reaper is there to find out who and what is threatening his friend and client Rick Hastings. Rick is the owner of the very sexually exclusive club and Mirvolo Cup of Bacchus. Ethan not only has to find out who or what is threatening Rick and the Cup but also why Jewel is really there.

The situation goes from tense to worse as Rick notices how his friend wants Jewel, so in clever move he puts Ethan over her training into the sexual world of his Fantasy Resort Bacchus Club. Can Ethan and Jewel keep their bodies separated long enough to do their jobs, or will the heat and passion by Bacchus Cup enflame them all?

Ms. Harte has created a world where Domination and Submission are more than just accepted but encouraged. The surroundings are so vividly told that one wonders if they can hear the ocean’s call, and feel the need themselves. There is a whole new world to discover as Julia and Ethan find not only the other part of themselves but a whole new world in front of them.

September 2007

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