Saturday, October 18, 2008


Historical/Western Romance
Whiskey Creek Press
357 pages
ISBN# 978-1-59374-896-8/978-1-59374-895-1
eBook & Trade paperback - Available September 2007

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

The year is 1859. The place – Missouri. Rumours of a brewing war between the North and the South cloud the air.

Josette Stratton is not really affected by it all. Her thoughts are on her impending arranged wedding. Josette dreams of being her own woman, but marriage is the way of a lady, isn’t it? Until she meets her intended. No way will she marry this, urggh, man!

The opportunity to spread her wings presents itself when a friend of hers dies. Polly was on the verge of leaving Missouri for the Nevada territory to work as a seamstress. Josette takes Polly’s place, and heads for freedom and adventure.

Until she arrives in this forsaken place, and she learns that seamstress is just another name for, uh, the oldest profession known to man.

Josette wants a way out. This too, presents itself before her, in the shape of a handsome and sexy gunslinger named Wolf. He needs an “employee” for his budding business, and assures her it is legal, reputable employment he offers.

Josette craves a way out, and Wolf looks like her only chance. Will she take it? And why exactly does he want to help her?

The story has a series of funny and twisted romps right after the other. I didn’t believe the author could do better than the opening she presents, but she does. She startled me with quirky and sometimes very amusing twists. The characters leap off the page, all but shouting out at the reader to take notice of them. The setting, the sensory description – this author pens it down so well. I could almost feel myself transported to the area. My only pique was that the plot dragged in some occasions. I almost wanted Ms. Mihaljevich to cut to the chase and dish it out. But I imagine if she did this, the story would lose much of its refreshing tone.

I can sincerely say this is one book you’ll find hard to put down.

September 2007

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