Saturday, October 18, 2008

LEADING HER TO HEAVEN by Kayleigh Jamison

Erotic Historical Romance
Aphrodite’s Apples
eBook - Not currently available

Rating: 2 Enchantments

Resigned to her political marriage, Lady Susanna Cavendish sets off for the north and the wilderness of Scotland to be with future husband Lord Blair Ruthven. Along the journey to the wedding bed, events occur, changing the way she feels about herself, her sexuality, and eventually the man she learns to love.

Lord Blair Ruthven, a stalwart and intelligent man, has his world turned up side down when he meets his future bride and savior who is much more spirited than any English lady he has known.

Both learn of the power of their love and the ties that bind a woman and a man when an old clan-fueled feud is rekindled by an English rogue seeking revenge for a past encounter with Lord Ruthven.

Ms. Jamison brings to life an interesting mixture of history and eroticism. The story is laced with vivid imagery of what a roll in the clover would be like in early Stuart Scotland, in a language any hot blooded person would understand. Though at times, the metaphors miss the underlying story and the switch to more modern sexual language undercuts the beauty of imagery she has set in motion. Overall, it is a fair read and allows one to a brief and interesting way of looking into the past.

Rowan E. Wagner
September 2007

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