Saturday, October 18, 2008

MY IMMORTAL by Erin McCarthy

Paranormal Romance
Jove (Penguin)
ISBN# 978-0-515-14348-5

RATING: 4.5 Enchantments

Marley Turner finds herself in the heart of Louisiana at the plantation mansion Rosa de Montana, searching for her errant sister, Lizzie, again. Lizzie has never been stable and though everyone hoped when she had her son, that would change, it did not. Now the family is worried and Marley, the one who takes care of everyone else and never herself, is standing in front of the most dangerous and sensuous man she has ever met, Damien du Bourg.

Damien has lived over 300 years and though he is immortal, he is not happy. Damien made a deal with a Grigori Demon and now, though he is immortal and irresistible to all women, he is a slave. Damien now spends his eternity causing lust to men and woman around him in wicked parties held at Rosa de Montana.

It was one of these parties that drew Lizzie and now Marley. There is a huge problem though, Damien’s master and Grigori Demon Alex. It seems that this all has been a series of events orchestrated to bring Marley within his grasp.

Will Marley and Damien ever find happiness, will Damien regain his freedom and soul, will Marley find Lizzie, and will Marley ever begin to think of her needs? The answer to these is well, you know, in the great read MY IMMORTAL.

Ms. McCarthy has created a world full of frightening things and great pleasures, but most importantly, love. Set in Louisiana, MY IMMORTAL gives you a glimpse of how selfishness can destroy and love can heal all. A really great and inviting read.

September 2007

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