Sunday, August 1, 2010


ISBN #978-0-373-77482-1
384 Pages
Paperback: Available August 1, 2010

Rating 4.5 Enchantments

As the eldest son of Sutekh, Lord of Chaos(just one of a string of glorious titles), Dagan Krayl is the most feared soul reaper, gathering the wickedest souls for his father to consume. When his brother is brutally murdered, Dagan is determined to find and destroy those responsible.

Roxy Tam is an Asetian Guard of the Daughters of Aset, set on protecting the innocent. She finds herself drawn to Dagan as she joins him on the quest to seek answers to his brothers death, uncovering a plot destine to cause war in the Underworld.


Roxy and Dagan have a bond that pulls them together, neither is sure why, though Roxy has a pretty good idea. I love the passion and determination each of them show, for each other, and for what they believe in. Dagan is a delicious being that I would love to be able to take a bite out of. The heat of desire between him and Roxy keeps the pages smoldering, that and the action-packed adventure they embark on to find the truth keeps the pages turning. Roxy is a bit more reluctant to let go of herself than Dagan, she has her secrets and fears, but Dagan is able to draw her out, whether she likes if or not.

As the first book of a new dark paranormal series Eve Silver did an excellent job creating a world inhabited by gods, demons, humans and everything in between. She masterfully blended both Earthly and Underworld characters and scenes. I was drawn into a whole new world that I cannot wait to further explore. Especially as there are answers I still need. I can't wait to see who and what is in store for Dagan's brothers or how everything will be resolved.

Eve Silver is the author of Gothic historical and gritty paranormal romance novels. She also rights speculative romance under the pseudonym Eve Kenin.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Paranormal Romance
Signet Sensuality rating: Spicy
ISBN# 978-0-451-22971-7
352 pages
Print Paperback- Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments
Tully Sullivan is surrounded by crazy people. She wakes up after a 5 week slumber with people telling her she is a dragon. Are they crazy or what. She is a middle aged wife and mother who is a mage apprentice. She would know if she is some legendary dragon. Wouldn’t she?
Baltic is the dreaded and feared Wyvern of the black dragons. At least he used to be until he died. Now he is just dreaded and feared simply because he is dead. That and the fact that he seems to pop up and disappear as no other dragon can do and he leaves a trail of bodies behind him. Is he really alive or is he just the ghost of the once great and powerful wyvern.
LOVE IN THE TIME OF DRAGONS is the first book in the light dragons series. Although this is a new series it, like all the other dragon series, tie together so it is best to read the books from the first green dragon book, YOU SLAY ME. The hero in this book is anything but a hero. He is the ex-wyvern of the black dragons. He slayed hundreds of dragons in the wars, and is even currently responsible for dozens of deaths in present day. He had no equal and nothing could take him down. That is until the death of his beloved mate Ysolde. It was her death that caused him to get a moment of weakness and ultimately he paid in his life. That was hundreds of years ago, so how is it that he is alive and kicking now?

Tully Sullivan, mage apprentice, has mysterious dreams. In these dreams there is one who is so dark and mysterious he feels so real. But she is not scared of him. She has moments in time where she passes out, often for weeks at a time. But her memory seems to falter. Could these dreams be memories coming back to the surface? Who is this mysterious man and why does she have a connection to him when other people seem to even curse his name?

This is the book I have been waiting for! Katie MacAlister has outdone herself. Each of her books seem to be better than the rest but this one is by far my favorite. Of course when the next one in the series comes out I will probably think that one is the best too.

Baltic is a hero unlike any of our other heroes. Drake is a grumpy dragon set in his ways, Gabriel is a loving and kind dragon, and Baltic is a bad boy. He never tries to make excuses for his actions and he never apologizes for them. He has a lot to atone for and he is willing to. He steps up and takes on the role of father quite well. In fact that is a part that I did not really like. He went from complaining about Tully’s son to the next page making him call him dad. I just expected a little more resistance.

Tully, or Ysolde, is completely opposite of Baltic. She is just a big mess. I am still not sure why she passes out for weeks at a time, but I am hoping that the other books will explain that. She also went from thinking everyone was crazy, to thinking she was crazy, to all of a sudden accepting it all. She is a big mystery but I am sure each of the books in this series will help to reveal a little more about her. Brom is a character that I think has more to him than meets the eye. I am expecting a big surprise by the end of the series.

Overall this book was great. There is very little I think I would change. I am so happy that Mrs. MacAlister keeps all of her past characters involved in her current books. I am thinking that each dragon set will end up having a series. The Blue dragons will be interesting, and the red dragons are completely mysterious but the black dragons are a group that I am dying to read about. Kostya is a character that seems has yet to be fully developed. He is an active part of these books, after all he was Baltic’s second in command and best friend, and I hope his character keeps revealing more of himself. One thing Katie MacAlister does is keep you wanting more.

Katie MacAlister is the author of several paranormal, historical and contemporary series. She even has a young adult series that she writes under the name Katie Maxwell. To find out more about her and her amazing books please visit her website at

April 2010

SINFUL by Charlotte Featherstone

Historical Romance
Harlequin Spice
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
ISBN #978-0-373-60543-9
336 pages
eBook & Trade Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Jane Rankin's only goal in life is to be respectable. Her past has shown her what happens to those without such a goal, and she refuses to put herself into that position. She's a paid companion by day, and a nurse by night. Her job as a companion has placed her on the edge of the aristocracy. She began nursing to fulfill a debt, but in it she has found respectable work that she enjoys and can envision herself to continue on into the future.

Matthew, Earl of Wallingford, is a disreputable rake. He would rather debase himself with scandal than become a respectable hypocrite. He suffers from a secret that he can never divulge. Something so shameful that he could not it bear to be known. He cannot open himself up to the vulnerability of emotion.

When Matthew is beaten and left for dead, he awakens to the touch and sound of an Angel. Jane makes him yearn for her in a way he's never felt about anybody. Jane is drawn to Matthew's forbidden touch. Can either of these lost souls learn to trust and love one another?


SINFUL by no means follows any standard formula for historical romance. I was enthralled by Jane and Matthew's actions and emotions in reaction to their painful life experiences. While the last ¼ of the book ticked me off, I could still appreciate the unconventional Happily Ever After. I really liked this story, I just didn't care for how some of the predicaments where handled.

I hated the situations Jane and Matthew were forced into, as their choices were abysmal, but that is also what made this book so good, as it forced the characters to move on into directions that I wouldn't have foreseen. I'll be honest, part of my reason for reading romance is that awful situations can be easily solved by the authors stroke of a pen. I commend Ms. Featherstone for NOT doing that. In her writing she brought forth so many emotions. The sizzling heat of passion between Jane and Matthew kept the pages fairly smoldering, and I could feel the pain and hate that Matthew and Jane faced.

This was my first experience with Charlotte Featherstone, but it will not be the last, as she has shown me that she can write a HOT romance with some very enticing characters and interesting plot twists, that I don't see coming.

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July 2010

DOPPELGANGSTER (an Esther Diamond Novel) by Laura Resnick

DOPPELGANGSTER (An Esther Diamond Novel)

Urban Fantasy
Fantasy DAW
ISBN# 978-0-7564-0595-3
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
400 Pages
Paperback—Available Now
Rating: 5 Enchantments

When out-of-work actress Esther Diamond turns part-time waitress at Stella’s, a restaurant favored by some of NYC’s most powerful mob families, she couldn’t expect that it would be any more dangerous than usual. Besides, she’s dating Lopez, a cop, and that should be enough to keep some of the touchy-feely types at bay. Yet Lopez’s warning to be careful comes true when Esther witnesses the hit on Chubby Charlie at her table up close and personal. Suddenly, she’s on the cover of every tabloid in the city. Lopez wants her to quit her job and Lucky, the aging hitman wants her help in solving the case before the cops.

Within a few pages, DOPPELGANGSTER quickly became one of my favorite Urban Fantasy reads! Filled with unique and fun characters from Esther to Lucky, the aging hitman, to the mysterious 350 year old mage, Max and his new familiar Nelli, it was easy to slip into the world Ms. Resnick created.

The mystery of whose behind the mysterious death of Chubby Charlie gets deeper when Johnny Be Good is found dead, followed shortly later by another. Suddenly not only Esther’s in danger, but so is Lucky, Max and Lopez, who’d still rather keep Esther out of his investigation. There was so much going on, with twists and turns over who was behind the deaths, who was targeted next and how were Esther and company going to figure things out before it was too late that I had to read the book in one sitting, it was just that good.

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene to highlight for the review, but one that sticks out in my mind is when Lucky organizes a sit-down between the two families shortly after Johnny Be Good is found dead and Max and Esther have to come to the meeting, dressed to fit in. It's hilarious and gives the reader more questions than answers on who could be next and whether or not the real killer is in that room with them.

Fans of Urban Fantasy looking for a fresh read should definitely pick up DOPPELGANGSTER. With its humor and mystery, it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf. Look for the next Esther Diamond novel, UNSYMPATHETIC MAGIC on sale August 3, 2010.

Visit Ms. Resnick online at to learn out more about this series, including excerpts, and info on the reissuing of the first book in the series.

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June 2010

SOUL DANCER by Aurora Rose Lynn

Science Fiction Romance
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
ISBN# 978-1-60735-140-5
Pages 49
E-book April 2010

Rating: 5 enchantments
Jamar, the second born male of an affluent Jaquill family on the planet Manitee-a, is involved in actions that might negatively affect his relationship with his parents, older brother Bara, and most importantly the laws of his society: bedding with a kattanee slave.

Kierra, Jamar's object of obsession fears reprisal from all parties, especially from the law. The penalty is death if anyone was ever to discover her affair with her master, Jamar.

Their society has put a wedge between them and has clearly established the nature of their relationship. Katanees are the white slaves of the Jaquill, the dominant black class of the planet.

Prior to reading this novel, I had a preconceived notion of sci-fi romance weird and difficult to pronounce names and places. However, I breezed through this story without stumbling. The romance between the Kierra and Jamar was touching, while the sex scenes were awesome to the point were you could actually feel their pain and anguish as the story evolved. I am definitely looking forward to reading another story by Ms Lynn.

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June 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

CRAZY FOR LOVE by Victoira Dahl


Contemporary Romance
ISBN #9780373774623
384 Pages
Paperback Available July 2010

Rating 5 Enchantments

After her finance fakes his death to avoid marrying her, Chloe Turner is branded the worlds most heinous Bridezilla. For a bit of relief from the paparazzi, Chloe and her best friend Jenn escape to a quiet island get away.

World renowned treasure hunter Max Sullivan seeks to stay out of the limelight. Hoping for a peaceful vacation on a tranquil island, he agrees to go with his brother, Elliot, to help him learn how to sail.

When the two friends catch a glimpse of their hot island neighbors, they decide that an island fling is just what Chloe needs to regroup and relax. Max thinks that Chloe is an uncomplicated sweet girl, just right for an island affair. But can Max handle the media frenzy when Chloe's identity is discovered?


This book CRUSHES everything I have read so far this year, actually, it's the best book I've read in a very long time. I could NOT put it down once I started, I stayed up until 2am finishing CRAZY FOR LOVE. Victoria Dahl did a phenomenal job, creating intelligent, entertaining, passionate characters that I absolutely fell in love with. I laughed, I cried and I ended the book with a sigh of happiness.

Chloe was handed such a crappy hand by her ex-fiance and the media, but she was determined to ride it out. I loved the strength she showed to overcome her problems. Though her little break down, while not much for helping her cause, was funny, and a well-deserved stress reliever, it also made her very realistic...who wouldn't want to throw Chinese food at the paparazzi?!

Max was a manipulative control-freak, I know that sounds bad, but he did it because he had a major phobia of people getting hurt or ruining their lives, when he could have done something to prevent it, because of that, it was an endearing characteristic. Chloe saw right through him and wasn't afraid to call him out on it. I loved their sexy banter, their red hot passion and the emotional journey they took us on, as they both had things to resolve before their Happily Ever After. But, Max really ticked me off when he finally decided to stop being the savior of all, as he had terrible timing.

I liked Max's brother, Elliot, he was so sweet and deserved to find happiness. But I did not like Chloe's friend Jenn, I just couldn't agree with her actions. But then again, I happen to be a very blunt and upfront person, and in my opinion, secrets from you friends do nothing but hurt them, if you can't tell your best friend ANYthing, then you aren't being a good friend.

I can't wait until CRAZY FOR LOVE comes out in print, so that I can buy a copy for my keeper shelf and a couple copies for my friends, it was so good that I can't wait to share it! Also, I can't wait until August, when A LITTLE BIT WILD, Victoria Dahl's new historical series will be released.

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April 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Paranormal YA
Delacorte Press
ISBN# 978-0385735032
192 pages
Trade—Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

What a fun read! Eighteen year old Algonquin "Alley" Rhodes is determined to get out of small town Cornersville Trace and head to Seattle, where there has be a bigger dating pool. Unlike some of the other girls at school, she isn't aspiring to date an 'undead': a/k/a a vampire, werewolf, or zombie. But one night, covering the local band scene she meets Doug, a guy who sings Cole Porter songs and makes her feel like swooning, something she's never felt before.

Readers looking for a fun, laugh out loud paranormal read should definitely pick up I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT. This book truly has it all. From plot to interesting characters, including the high school guidance counselor who doesn't believe in mixed relationships between the living and the undead, to amazing wit and a moment the reader can't wait for: Alley to realize the truth about Doug. But along the way Alley realizes the truth about herself, that she doesn't exactly like being the snarky sarcastic 'ice queen' she is at school and prefers who she is when she's with Doug. The humorous moments are plenty, thanks especially to Alley's voice and the situations Mr. Selzer puts the characters in.

One of my favorite scenes is when Alley and Doug go on their first date. There's something a little odd about Doug, but Alley can't quite put her finger on what it is. But if there was a perfect guy in the world for her, Doug could seriously fit his description.

To learn more about Mr. Selzer and his books, visit him online at

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February 2010

DREAM LIFE by Lauren Mechling

DREAM LIFE (Dream Girl #2)
Paranormal YA
Delacorte Books
ISBN# 978-0385735230
336 Pages
Hardcover—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

When her best friend Becca starts acting funny after returning home from holidays, Claire feels abandoned, until she finds out Becca's been tapped for a secret society, and surprisingly she gets 'invited' to join herself. But if only things were that easy. It seems there's a rival society out to get the Blue Moons and take over New York for themselves. Soon Claire finds herself in the thick of things, trying to solve the mystery before their top secret plans are disclosed and the group is relegated to nothing more than a name forever.

DREAM LIFE is my favorite book in the Dream Girl series so far. The characters seemed much more formed this time and I found myself liking Claire a lot more. DREAM LIFE stands well on its own, so if you haven't read the first novel 'Dream Girl' don't worry about it. The world created is at times a bit eccentric but nonetheless fun to visit.

My favorite scenes happened when Claire was tapped to become a member of the Blue Moons. From the scene where they 'grabbed' her to where the hangout was actually located were really fun. Also, the friendship between Claire and her unusual society grandmother, Kiki, continues, climaxing at her grandmother's birthday party, a scene which turns out to be so horrific for Claire, I could only hope she'd get out of there as fast as she could.

Overall DREAM LIFE is a really fun and unusual read. I can't wait to return to Claire's world and see what happens next.

Lauren Mechling is the coauthor of all three 10th-Grade Social Climber books. She has written for the New York Times, Marie Claire, and Seventeen. She lives and writes in New York City. You can visit her at

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February 2010


YA Poetry
ISBN# 978-0375843754
176 Pages
Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

DIZZY IN YOUR EYES: POEMS ABOUT LOVE is filled with a collection of fifty poems of different types, from a simple poem, to '3 a.m. Blues' which is the blues to the last in the book 'My Song' which is written as a song.

I have to admit, I'm not usually big on poetry but I really enjoyed DIZZY IN YOUR EYES: POEMS ABOUT LOVE. Every poem is different, told from a different narrator's point of view. The one thing they all have in common though is the theme—love. With some of the poems Ms. Mora provides a description of the type of poem on the opposite page, so those interested can learn more about that particular style. Two of my favorite poems are 3 a.m. Blues because I like the lyrical styling and an earlier one in the book, To-Do List because it's very much true to life.

DIZZY IN YOUR EYES: POEMS ABOUT LOVE is Pat's second collection for young adults. Pat also wrote My Own True Name: New and Selected Poems for Young Adults and six poetry collections for adults. To learn more about Pat and her books visit her online at

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January 2010

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TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME (Immortality Bites series) by Michelle Rowen

TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME (Immortality Bites series)

Paranormal Romance
Grand Central Publishing - Forever
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0446505857
352 pages
Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Sarah Dearly finds herself in a bit of a complicated mess. Still cursed from a malevolent witch, there's a nightwalker inside her just dying to get out. The only thing that can control her is the thin gold chain around her neck. There's also the fact Gideon is blackmailing her to make him an immortal, in hopes that it will heal him and finally get rid of the hellfire burning within him. If that weren't bad enough, as part of the blackmail, she's had to break up with the love of her life, master vampire Thierry.

I've loved this series from the first book and am sad to see it end, as I loved Sarah and Thierry, two of my favorite vampires. Who can forget Barry, her best friend's husband and Thierry's butler, and all the other memorable characters throughout the series.

The best part about TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME is all the best characters return for the end, including surprisingly Quinn, who is always nice to see as I enjoyed his relationship with Sarah. While darker then some of the other books in the series, TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME has the same humor that made me a fan early on and I loved the chemistry between Sarah and Thierry, even while they had to hide their relationship because of Gideon's threats to Sarah's friends and family.

Between hiding her on-going relationship with Thierry from her closest friends and trying not to find herself attracted to Gideon, she also has to deal with the mysterious Red Devil who seems to have appointed himself her bodyguard. Which wouldn't be too bad, until she finds out he's telling Thierry everything he sees. Can't a girl even have a few little secrets? I liked the addition of the Red Devil, even if I had kind of figured out what Sarah did about him a little before she did.

The tension between Gideon and Sarah and whether or not he was fully bad or still partly good was a good subplot. My favorite scene had to be when Sarah goes out to meet 'the wizard', who can supposedly wipe out the nightwalker. Imagine her surprise when he turns out to be a Goth teenager—a surprise that turns jaw dropping when he offers her a chance at reversing her entire vampness. Her friend thinks she should leap at the chance, even if it wipes out the last few months of her life, but that means giving up her relationship with Thierry, something she can't bring herself to think about. I liked how the teenager showed up again in a frightening scene at Sarah's place and warned her about the impending danger.

Filled with unexpected twists, turns and appearances, TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME has become one of my favorites in the Immortality Bites series.

Michelle Rowen is a full-time writer and self-confessed bibliophile living in Ontario, Canada. Her first young adult fantasy novel will be published in Fall 2009 from Walker Books for Young Readers. Under the pseudonym Michelle Maddox she has also written futuristic romantic suspense for Dorchester.

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September 2009



Gothic Victorian Fantasy Romance
Dorchester Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN #978-0-8439-6296-3
320 Pages
Paperback: Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Enchanting and shy, Percy Parker plans to try and blend in as much as possible as a student in Victorian London's Athens Academy. Well, to blend in as much an albino that can see and talk to ghosts possibly can.

Professor Alexi Rychman is focused on his studies at the Academy, deciphering the prophecy that he has been anticipating since childhood, and fighting the demons that threaten to consume the earth. He doesn't know quite what to think of Percy, while he pities her for her odd appearance, he is captivated by her personality and her unusual gift.

A sadistic killer know as The Ripper is terrorizing the streets of London. Is he naught but a madman or is he a demon? Is Percy entering Alexi's life just a coincidence or does she somehow fit into the prophecy? Can their feelings expand beyond teacher/student?

I absolutely loved this book. It was nothing like I expected, though in all honesty, when I first opened THE STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL TALE OF MISS PERCY PARKER, I really didn't know what to expect. The depth of emotion and the complexity of the characters drew me in completely. I can't remember the last time I read a tear-jerker, but I definitely will have a few tissues handy when I pick this up to reread, and reread it I will. This book has definitely earned a spot on my Keeper Shelf. There is also an element of humor that balances the book out, keeping it from being depressing.

Percy is someone that is easy to feel sympathy for, she's had a difficult time, being so different from everyone else, and I'm not talking about the fact that she can see and talk to dead people. Her experiences have given her an inner-strength that is easy to admire, but it has also given her a complex of inferiority, which is fascinating watching her emerge from. Alexi, while being a strong, yummy, Alpha-male did exhibit a few moments of idiocy, where I wanted to slap him, but I could understand his reluctance to be with Percy, mostly the whole student/teacher relationship taboo, if he'd not fought to cross that line, I wouldn't have been able to respect him quite so much.

I can't wait until April 27, 2010, when Book #2 THE DARKLY LUMINOUS FIGHT FOR PERSEPHONE PARKER is release, as I will be right there to scoop it up and devour it!

Leanna Renee Hieber is a bestselling author, actress and playwright. Originally from rural Ohio, she is now a resident of New York City. She is also the co-founder of Lady Jane's Salon a Romance Reading series held at Madam X's in Manhattan, where on the first Monday of every month, authors read from their latest writings. All proceeds from Lady Jane's go to Share the Love a non-profit organization focused on helping women transition into independent lives, to find out more you can visit:, and

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January 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010


SO STILL THE NIGHT (A Novel of the Shadow Guard)
Paranormal Romance
Signet Eclipse
Sensuality Level: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0451226785
304 Pages
Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Marcus Helios is not only an immortal, a former member of the elite Shadow Guard and the son of Antony and Cleopatra, but he also in the depths of Transcension, bringing him to the depths of madness. His only hope of salvation lies in two ancient scrolls he believes are in the possession of the beautiful Willowmina, and he'll do whatever it takes to get his hands on them. But with the mysterious Dark Bride hunting him in London and having to deal with his twin sister Seline, who's desperate to become his official assassin, things are complicated enough without falling for the beautiful Mina.

With her father faking his own death, sending her back to London to report the grim news, then to go into deep mourning for her own safety, Mina suddenly finds herself on her own. When strange things begin to happen, such as being the victim of an apparent random attack in the street and having her father's papers shredded in her room, she becomes uncomfortable and slightly scared for her own safety Surprisingly, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Mark, Lord Alexander. When he unexpectedly asks for her hand in marriage, she's thrilled when her uncle agrees to the betrothal. Now she can get out of the house and hopefully start over, completely unaware of her new husband's immortality.

I adored SO STILL THE NIGHT. While not your typical historical romance, Mina and Mark are two strong individuals, both fighting their own battles: Mark's for his sanity and Mina for trying to overcome the loss of her father. The chemistry between the two is some of the strongest I've read and the scenes between them are sizzling hot. I loved how Mark wore down Mina's resistance to him, especially the scene with the hot air balloon at the club. My favorite scene though is after the two are married and Mina learns his secret. While on the search for her father, they visit an old family friend of Mina's, a rather eccentric character who owns a warehouse full of unusual items. It's a fun and a nice respite from the darker tone of a lot of the book, it's one that made me laugh and stayed with me through the rest of the book.

I have to say SO STILL THE NIGHT is a wonderful read that quickly earned a spot on my keeper shelf. Mark is a delicious hero, filled with a dark intensity and a purpose that I haven't read in awhile and quickly fell for. Mina's strong enough on her own, but watching her fall for Mark and accept who he truly is makes this a great read. The only drawback to the story is the ending chapters are rather fast paced, and rush by quicker than the rest of the story.

With a fast paced ending with a few surprising twists and revelations, SO STILL THE NIGHT leaves the reader breathless, going back through the story for clues they may have missed as to the Dark Bride and her cohorts identities. I can't wait to read the next in this series, Darker Than Night, due out in April 2010.

To learn more about this book and the Shadow Guard series, visit Ms. Lenox online at her website:

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January 2010


Urban Fantasy
Sensuality Level: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0758225269
288 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Celeb zombie Amanda Feral seems to be having a stream of bad luck. Between her car getting repossessed in the parking lot of her mother's strip club; her relationship with Scott breaking up (all his idea) and Elizabeth Karkaroff wanting to get out of the business, which means Amanda would owe her a staggering sum of money she doesn't have, not to mention she owes the reaper her first born, if she'd have one. But there might be a way out of all of this mess. Amanda can't stand Johnny Birch, the weird little wood nymph, but if being a judge on his new reality show will save her, what's wrong with that? Until she discovers Johnny's charred body on the floor of his room and suddenly the show's no more. With some quick thinking on her part, Amanda turns the show into a whodunnit and she's the lead detective, which would be great if she'd ever been a detective before.

What do I like best about the latest in Mark Henry's 'Amanda Feral' series? Hard to say, between the gruesome and sometimes macabre scenes and characters, not to mention all the dark humor, with every scene sometimes so gruesomely detailed, it's hard to pick just one. But perhaps it's Amanda herself, with her sarcastic barbs and outlook on life, especially dark in this particular tale. And who can forget the footnotes, where Amanda talks straight to the reader?

BATTLE OF THE NETWORK ZOMBIES brings the reader back into Amanda's life and she's just as delightful as ever, as are her two good friends Wendy and Gil. Hands down, one of my favorite scenes in the book is when Amanda first arrives at the mansion where the reality show is set to be filmed. Thanks to Johnny's woodland nymph nature, the place is literally alive with vegetation. Amanda meets the unusual Mama Montserrat, who takes an instant liking to her, and an instant dislike to Wendy, who's tagged along on the trip, posing as Amanda's agent.

The fun really begins when the contestants are introduced, a handful of wanna-be bodyguards you'd never imagine. I especially enjoyed some of the new characters Mr. Henry brings to the mix in this one, from Mama Montserrat, the producer of the ill-fated Johnny Birch reality show and possible suspect in Johnny's demise to Hairy Sue, the unusual stripper from Amanda's mother's club and a surprising contestant on the reality show. Who would have figured her for the role of bodyguard? Filled with some memorable characters, including my new favorite Tanesha, and a heck of an unusual mystery, readers looking for something a little dark and twisted won't go wrong picking up BATTLE OF THE NETWORK ZOMBIES.

Mark is the co-founder of both The South Sound Algonquin writer’s group in Washington and the highly regarded (and/or degraded) League of Reluctant Adults, an online cabal of disturbed urban fantasy and paranormal romance writers. He’s a member of the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association and the Fangs, Fur and Fey online writer’s community. Visit him online at

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January 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


Shifter/paranormal romance
Loose Id
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
ISBN# 978-1-59632-894-5
133 Pages
EBook–Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

A blue moon's coming, and for shape-shifter Shannon McFelan, it's bringing nothing but trouble. Something she's got enough of already. Her body has mysteriously turned on her, going into Heat at the worst possible time. It will take all the cunning in her possession to survive this lunar cycle without finding herself mated.

Vampire Nikolai Taranosky has waited centuries for his Chosen. He doesn't care that Shannon's a werewolf, and he knows exactly what's wrong with her. It's because of him that she's in Heat. By the waning of the blue moon she'll definitely be mated ... to him!

What can I say that could possibly do the justice to this book it deserves? Well written, no mistakes. It gives you chills as well as passion. I was glued to the book from the time I started reading until I finished it in two days. The alpha female, Shannon, is strong. She’s got so much heart you can feel her essence even after you put the book down. Nikolai is strong, sexy, and dominate. He’s a vampire with wolf blood and determined to make headstrong Shannon not only his mate, but make her fall in love with him too. I loved the interplay between all of the characters. Shannon and her stubborn brother, Rory face off in challenge after challenge.

I have loved a lot of female characters. Shannon is my favorite. Her headstrong ways remind me so much of myself. Nikolai represents the kind of man every woman dreams of. The story itself left me wishing and at times holding my breath. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. Shannon’s ways kept me laughing all through this wonderful book. This is a sequel to 'True Mates' also by Ms. Wynn. The ending leaves you breathless and also leaves room for her third book in the series.

Ms. Wynn is the mother of three (four, if you count Lady, her family dog) and grandmother of two, when not busy with family or church, she can most likely be found in front of the computer writing or escaping into a book. She loves to read. She loves books that can take her out of her ordinary life into an extraordinary reality. She doesn’t just read. She becomes. To her, a really well written book is like a mini-vacation, without all of the hassle. Her greatest hope is that after reading one of her stories, you'll feel the same.

Enchanting Reviews
June 2009

POWER PLAY by Deirdre Martin

Berkley Sensation (Penquin)
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
ISBN# 978-0-425-22451-9
Available October 2008

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Monica Geary is a leading lady in a soap opera. Her status as leading lady is being threatened by the "new face on the block". Monica is desperate to please her peers with "pure" acting, yet doesn't want to lose her daytime status on top.

Eric Mitchell is a a playboy hockey star who is secretly a soap opera watcher. He is desperately trying to be accepted as the newest member of the New York Blades.

Monica and Eric's publicity managers devise a scheme to get them back on top through a public, fake romance. In private, though, they can't stand each other. Or can they? Both learn about the person behind the public image during their 'fake' dating. The media eats up the handsome couple; they are seen together all over the place. The news coverage pumps both their careers, so how can they break it off? Are they staying together just to boost their careers or will they actually fall in love?

POWER PLAY is well written and fun. The whole dating in the spotlight makes this fun. People always wonder what it would be like to be famous and POWER PLAY lets you step into the lives of two famous people for a time. Ms. Martin also brings in the softer side of two tough people in the spotlight and their insecurities. It is endearing to know that people who seem to have it all, have things they worry about and that they are insecure about. The sex scenes are few, but very steamy. There are several sub-plots that make POWER PLAY very interesting and hard to put down. I would definitely read this author again.

Ms. Martin is a New York Times bestselling author. Her website is which includes excerpts and upcoming books.

Sandy Maffeo
Enchanting Reviews
March 2009

RED FIRE by Deidre Knight

Paranormal Romance
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0-451-22538-2
400 pages
Print - Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Ajax Petrakos and his Spartan brothers made a deal with Ares to become immortal to protect the human race from the evil that threatens us. After centuries, Ajax is ready for peace in his life and to find that he must find his true love.

Shay Angel is part of a demon hunting family. Being the youngest and a female, her brothers are overly protective of her. She can see the demons roaming the streets but she can’t help but wonder if there is something more to her special gift.

To Ajax, eternity has become a prison. What gets him through the long years is his destiny of finding his one true mate. When the Oracle sends him to Savannah, Georgia, he finally finds Shay but he isn’t the first. Ajax’s worst enemy Sable has come back and knows Shay’s true gift and destiny. Because of a past conflict, Sable will do anything to ruin Ajax even if it means taking Shay. Ajax is on a time limit to keep Shay protected and also find the clues to an ancient prophecy detailing what Shay’s and his true destiny will be.

This was a great concept to the Spartan soldiers. I did get a bit lost in a few places around the beginning, but the description was good so it didn’t take long to get back on track. You can’t go wrong with this fast paced, action packed book. I would read it again and I recommend it to all my friends. This is the first in the Gods of Midnight series (Yay! There will be more.).

Along with being a novelist, Ms. Knight is a mom and a literary agent. You can check out her website at you can also send her emails at

Kim Graham
August 2009


Science Fiction/Erotic/Ménage
Eternal Press
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-926647- 67-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-926647- 75-3
68,000 words
Ebook: $6.95/Print $9.95
Available - April 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

It began with the July 4th celebration. Everyone thought the green mist that fell was a wonderful ending to their holiday fireworks displays, then word spread that the oily mist had fallen everywhere. Within days, females began getting ill, but only those of reproducing age. It ignored prepubescents, post-menopausal or any who did not ovulate. Then they started to die. No case zero, no treatment, it was everywhere and hospitals became holding grounds. Then the Sarrans – a more advanced race, arrived, holding a cure and with a proposition that would rock earth’s world, especially for a select few of its females.
This story is about Anya.

Whether you’re a science fiction buff or a fan of romance you’re going to thoroughly enjoy reading Sarran Plague. A.C. Katt completely draws you into the lives of her characters through her vivid descriptions. Tonal and Jonal came alive for me in so many different aspects in this book. She was able to flesh them out not only as lovers and Triad mates of Anya’s for the romance aspect of the book, but also as Admirals and military men deeply caring and committed to their ship, their cause and their planet. I know sometimes the blending of two genres is difficult but she pulled it off admirably.

Another thing I truly loved about the book (and if you don’t like spoilers stop reading now!!) is that when she reached the point of the Sarran’s having to address the issue of homophobia on Earth she did not shy away from it, dance around it or beat it to death. She handled it tastefully and as much as was needed for the book and that was that. No political showboating here. Well done.

She has left us with several taunting leads for other possible stories (yes I did notice that, don’t think I didn’t) and I am already looking forward to two future books at the very least that she absolutely MUST write. (That being one of Cynthia Synclair and one of Madeline Dixon-Howard, she who is destined to know the Zyptz) I will be waiting and watching for more books from this talented author.

A.C. Katt has been on a hiatus in writing since high school, only recently having begun writing again. You can learn more about this writer at To learn more about the Sarran’s you can visit and

Enchanting Reviews
January 2010

OFF THE MENU by Christine Son

Women's Fiction
New American Library
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
ISBN# 978-0-451-22417-0
350 Pages
$14.00 Trade Paperback
Available August 2008

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Whitney Lee is working 24/7 in a law firm. Her immigrant parents are very proud of their workaholic daughter. Secretly, Whitney wants to ditch the law firm and sing. She is very talented musically, but her parents would never accept this choice of career from her.

Hercules Huang owns several of the best restaurants in town and is very successful. She has a strained relationship with her father. She also has a secret wish which is to fall in love, but is too busy.

Audrey Henley is in love and has a great relationship with her fiancé, attending graduate school and working towards being a professor. Her parents aren't too thrilled about her fiancé and thinks he is using her to get to their money.

All three girls are part of the Valedictorians. This story is of their relationships with each other, with their parents and with their significant others. The book also tells of living in America as Asian women. Their lives intertwine until their dreams come to fruition.

OFF THE MENU moves quickly and is well written; it speaks well of living in America as Asian women, with its problems and advantages. It is a great story of living as a people-pleaser while trying to achieve one's own dream, which oftentimes clash. The ending is happy if a little predictable. All in all, I really enjoyed the read. Since I am a people pleaser, it taught me to follow my dreams once in a while.

Even though these girls are best friends, they all keep secrets from each other. In the end, the secrets come out and each one has a surprising reaction to the others. They end up being a huge support system for each other. If only they would have opened up to each other sooner. Ms. Son captured what happens in relationships so eloquently.

Ms. Son is a Korean-American living in Texas. She was inspired by her own family experiences as well as those of her Korean friends to write an authentic novel. Ms. Son can be reached at

Sandy Maffeo
Enchanting Reviews
February 2009


Historical Romance
Berkley Sensation
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0-425-22452-6
328 Pages
Paperback—Available now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Angela Palmerston is in Stanbrook Abbey, banished to take a vow of poverty, obedience and chastity after her parents disowned her. Six long years have passed since Angela set eyes on a man because the man she loved ruined her for any other. When the abbey takes in a strange man, unfulfilled desire and passion are aroused like a burning fire out of control.

Lord Phillip is a handsome rogue that has ruined many women in his short lifetime. He has a twin brother that took his fortune because he was the good son. Lord Phillip is hell-bent on proving his father right by being the bad son. He gambles away his fortune and almost pays with his life and ends up in Stanbrook Abbey.

Angela and Phillip are thrown together and are quite the opposites. Angela can’t quite control her unrequited passions and falls for the rogue Phillip hoping not to get her heart broken. But Phillip ends up leaving her, due to uncontrollable circumstances, and breaking her heart. Will he ever be able to convince her of the truth and what are the consequences he pays to do that?

THE ROGUE AND THE RIVAL is full of rich characters and sub-plots that make this a real page turner. Maya Rodale takes you back in time where the rules are not the same as they are today and turns Angela into a Women’s Activist for all time. You immediately root for Angela and Phillip to get together, which seems impossible, given their background and status in life. The sex scenes are passionate and you can feel the forbidden desire that makes them so much more exciting. I highly recommend this twisting, turning story that makes you keep turning pages to see if Phillip and Angela will ever get together after resolving all their issues.

Ms. Rodale lives in New York City and is the daughter of the Rodale family of Rodale publishing fame.

Sandy Maffeo
April 2009

SINK OR SWIM by Alexis Fleming

Fantasy Romance
Total E Bound
Sensuality Rating: Spicy
ISBN# 978-1-906328-01-6
58 pages
eBook/Print – Available now

Rating: 3.5 Enchantments

Jonah Billings is a surfer with a secret. Jonah is a selkie, a seal by night, and a lifesaver by day. He is in love with Samie, but has yet to tell her about his secret. Jonah is a dark haired handsome hunk of a man, determined to mate for life with woman of his dreams.

Samie McIntyre is a gorgeous twenty-four year old woman who is preparing, by sitting in the full bathtub daily, to become a mermaid. Her mother became one, and she told Samie her turn would come when she turned twenty-five. Unfortunately, her birthday is going to be in just a few weeks. Will she be ready? She only has one fear to conquer, but it is huge. Samie is afraid of water. What good is a mermaid if she is afraid of water?

This was a cute story about a young woman who is soon to become a mermaid but she is afraid of water. She is in love with Jonah and Jonah is in love with her. But how can she show him before she turns into a mermaid and must live in the sea? This is a fun story is about two people in love, the secrets that keep them apart, and how they come together.

This erotic romance has interesting twists adding the selkie and mermaid influences. I enjoyed the overall story, but I felt the language was a bit rough and took away from the romance has a whole. It may be all right for someone younger but way to harsh for this chickie. For me, the language was a turn off. I was thrilled when Jonah and Samie came together in the end

When she’s not tied to her computer creating sizzling stories to tempt her readers, she helps run a busy motel set on the edge of a National Marine Park in Australia. What better place to get inspiration for the tales she turns out? Ms. Fleming loves to hear from readers. You can find her contact information, website and author biography at

Desiree de Cleves
December 2008

GHOSTLAND by Jory Strong

Urban Fantasy Romance
Berkley Sensation
Sensuality Rating: Spicy
352 pages
ISBN# 978-0-425-22606-3
Trade paperback – Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

In a post-apocalyptic world Aisling McConaughey is ripped away from her simple life to use her gift as a powerful shamaness guide into the Ghostlands. When she unwittingly calls upon Djinn prince Zureal en Caym to help her discover the whereabouts of a high-powered politician's mistress, Aisling's not prepared for the price he will demand.

Zureal has never before been called upon, but the experience of being torn away from his world and thrust into the power of another is not one he will tolerate without retribution. He will make the child of mud pay for taking control out of his hands.

When Aisling and Zureal learn someone is trying to enslave a demon through the drug “Ghost”, them must work together to discover who is behind the evil that threatens both of their worlds.

GHOSTLAND is a powerful story of the struggle between right, wrong, revenge, passion, and forgiveness. Jory Strong wrote a complex, emotionally charged tale, successfully creating a world and characters that captivated me. Aisling first appears as a fragile woman who has never really had much in her life, but she quickly shows deep strength and while her confidence waivers, she always does what she MUST do, even when she is scared. Zureal was pissed. He did not like losing control, and he was determined to make Aisling pay. What he wasn't prepared for was the scorching heat of desire that he felt when he tracked her. I could feel the sizzle of passion as I turned the smoldering pages. Not only was their passion hot, but the action was riveting as they struggled to locate the fiend responsible for “Ghost” and in the process came to realize the feelings they held for each other.

When I finished reading GHOSTLAND, I so looked forward to revisiting the post-apocalyptic world Ms. Strong had created that ran out to buy SPIDER-TOUCHED, book 2 in the Ghostland series, which I also I just have to wait patiently until September 2010 for the next installment, HEALER'S CHOICE.

When author Ms. Strong is not writing, you might find her reading or working with her horses on her ranch out in the boondocks.

Enchanting Reviews
October 2009

AETHEREAL’S CHILDREN by Christopher W.Wilcox Sr

Whiskey Creek Press
Senauality: N/A
ISBN# 978-1-59374-727-5
Pages 328
Price $5.99
Ebook- Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Many of the Æthereal warriors surveying new planets disappear and the huge dragons turn to their human partners to help them solve the mystery. For twenty years there has been no sign of the Gray and the guardian leaders wonder if the Æthereal disappearances indicate the return of their eternal enemy. The children of the original human partners are now adults and they are charged with investigating the disappearances. They discover a new Gray species, but meanwhile rebellion from within threatens the Guardian alliance. Æthereal and humans are forced to face the truth about the past, present, and to question whether there is any future for the Guardians.

Ms. Wilcox has hit the jackpot with his Æthereal series and the latest one is as enthralling as the previous four books. If you like dragons, fantasy and high tech, this series is a must. ÆTHEREAL'S CHILDREN answers some of the questions of the future of the human race and their association with the dragons.

Mr. Wilcox presently works in the IT industry for a Fortune 500 company. He has a library of over 1,000 books of almost every genre. While he enjoys a wide range of fiction, Mr. Wilcox says he has always had a special affinity for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels. The Æthereal series is a blend of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Hopefully we will see more of the Æthereal books and Mr. Wilcox’s new series The Alurian Chronicles. Read more at

July 2008


Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
ISBN# 978-1-60313-067-7
Ebook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Meet Luca, a man that has never known true love of any kind. A man that does not see himself as anything any woman could love. They call him the Jersey Devil, for a reason. He has lived for centuries always searching for that elusive thing called love. Then one night he smells blood in his woods and his life is changed forever.

Now, our lovely heroine Chandra Burke, is a woman that is not afraid to go after what she wants. She has always looked for the beauty beneath the beast in all things. She never would have dreamed she would get the chance to see a real beast. She is a photographer and has always captured the truth in her art. Then after a savage beating from a human monster she will finally get to prove that a Knight in Shining Armor can come in many forms.

This is the story of two people brought together by fate. One a man called the Jersey Devil who feels he is cursed from finding true love, and the other a young woman who feels that curse is a blessing for it saves her life. Luca and Chandra must learn to trust one another if they are going to defeat this curse, especially with an ancient enemy that will do whatever it takes to stop their love.

This is a fantastic story of the power of love and looking below the surface especially if you believe beauty is only skin deep. I loved the characters and the love scenes were hot and spicy. But that is what you can expect from a Ms. Salo love story. The characters drew you to them with the depth of their feelings for one another. The relationship between them could be heart warming and heart wrenching at the same time. You had no choice but to cheer them on. I have only one complaint I never wanted the story to end.

If you would like to find out more about C. A. Salo and her works please go to her website

Enchanting Reviews
April 2009


Dutton-Penguin Group
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0-525-95098-1
290 Pages
$25.95 (Hardcover)
Available April 2009

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Holly Talbott is the main character who is married to a very successful Hedge funder in New York named Tim. She is the perfect hedge fund wife who plays the part and fulfills her society obligations and puts up with all the other stuffy, stuck up wives.

Kiki is Holly’s wild and crazy friend and married to Tim’s brother. The family is not wild about Kiki and would prefer Holly to not hang out with her.

Holly and Kiki go out in trendy Williamsburg and are shocked to find Tim cheating with a younger woman. Forced to choose between living honestly, with integrity or playing the part and living a lie, Holly chooses to get a divorce and try out the single life again. This is a 'Sex and The City' kind of adventure as Holly and Kiki try to find love.

I loved this book, THE EX-MRS. HEDGEFUND. Ms. Kargman has a unique and witty writing style that keeps you turning the pages. Her descriptions are hilarious and descriptive. She makes up charts to explain the varying degrees of whatever she is describing. For example, her Blonde-O-Meter describes Ashy Blonde as a Locust Valley matron all the way through Platinum which equals a Porn Star. Truly a delightful read!

Ms. Kargman has several books on the New York Times Best Seller List and has written for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Town & Country to name a few. She lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband and three children. Email her at

Sandy Maffeo
Enchanting Reviews
May, 2009

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Fantasy/Time Travel
Firedrakes Weyr Publication
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# (13) 978-1-935141-06-8
(10) 1-935141-06-6
ESN 6131308013053026632
110 pages
Ebook/Print - Available now
Rating: 4 Enchantments

Suren, the Mongol war lord’s son, is an incredibly handsome, virile warrior with eyes for the new warrior who traveled back from the future. Suren knew in his heart that he was in love with her.
Tara Michaels is a spirited student studying to become an archeologist. She is quick witted in conversation, and is rising up from an abusive upbringing to being a woman of her own. Tara gets sucked back in time to the 1500’s and is introduced to many of the ancient Mongols.

Tara is transported back to the time period she has done extensive research on, and becomes enmeshed in the lives of those in the tribe. Tara meets her many times great grandmother, her many times great grandfather, and the love of her life, Suren. Tara ends up traveling back and forth between the two ages, battling evil and finally settling in modern day where her love Suren, travels forward as well to grow old with her.

This was a very creative work where the author beautifully covered some complex historical events. I totally enjoyed the love between Tara and Suren, it was hot, and by their actions, you could tell they deeply loved each other. The battle scenes were brilliantly written taking me back to the life and times of ancient Mongolia. The violence on the battlefield, although completely historically accurate was just a bit much for the passive girl that I am. The author obviously studied, and this story is beautifully written. I enjoyed the book, and knowing me will probably read it again. This book is well worth the money spent.

Ms. Taylor has short stories published on an adult oriented website. Ebooks are all she writes at present. She would love to hear from you and you can reach her at

Desiree de Cleves
June 2009


Fantasy/Historical Romance
Awe-Struck E-Books
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous (Mild)
ISBN# 978-1-58749-644-8
296 pages
eBook $4.99
eBook/Print – Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Prince Darius has the misfortunate of being the second born son of King Isham, of Zarbaria. By royal decree, only the first-born son can inherit the throne and his brothers must all face the same doom…a lifetime of celibacy and service enclosed in the cloister of the Goddess.
Princess Roxana is the first-born and heir to the throne of Hebrun, the kingdom that borders Zarbaria. She is remarkable in beauty and height, having reached six feet at the age of fourteen and making her the tallest person in her kingdom. Roxana is close to her younger sibling, Prince Pavlek, training together to take on the roles of the future military leaders of their kingdom. When still very young, Roxana and Pavlek have a vision of the Goddess that changes them forever.

Ms. Beraru’s tale set in the alternate worlds of Zarbaria and Hebrun is well plotted and crafted. Her expertise in law, textiles and architectural restoration come through in the details she incorporates to create a magnificent panorama that will spark your imagination, yet keep you grounded in the story. Her writing style is clear and concise making the reading of this story a pure delight.

Darius is easy to identify with either as the proud Prince of Zarbaria or lowly votee. Here is an unforgettable, tortured hero who will steal your breath away. You never lose interest as you embark on the journey with Darius to find his true love. Roxana is a strong, compassionate character who loves the former prince as he deserves to be loved. As a reader, you cannot help but feel deeply for the trials and tribulations these characters endure and the resolution will make you cheer. THE PRINCESS AND THE PROMISE is a wonderful tale of love, honor and sacrifice. I eagerly look forward to the sequel entitled, “The Surgeon and The Virgin” which is currently in the works.

In addition to her writing career, Ms. Beraru is also an award winning fabric artist, specializing in art reproduction quilts, unusual handbags, and Judaica. After closing her California law practice, she moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where she participates in the restoration of historic houses, craft and art shows, promoting the local opera company, as well as singing and public speaking. Visit her website:

Enchanting Reviews
April 2008

THE TORY WIDOW by Christine Blevins

Sensuality Rating: Sweet
384 pages
Print - Available Now

Rating: 4 1/2 Enchantments

Jack Hampton is a true patriot. With his strong beliefs in independence he will do anything for his and others’ freedom. With the British invasion and men turning against men it is really hard for Jack to trust anyone.

After being widowed Anne Merrick uses her brains and wits to show that she can be independent and not have to rely on a man. She is a very strong willed woman and also very smart. Even when her store is ruined because it got out she was printing Tory propaganda she prevails and just keeps going.

The group gets information that the Widow Merrick is using her print press to print Tory propaganda. With finding evidence of her printing they set out to destroy her shop but Jack vows to keep an eye on the Widow. Jack follows Anne when she is out doing an errand for her shop, with this he finds himself saving her from a vicious attack by a couple of men. And out of this a friendship builds between them.

Anne and her friend Sally decided to stay on to take care of Anne’s wounded brother, whom Jack also saved, who is hiding in her home. But with the British pounding on her door in order to survive she must show her loyalty to the King of England. But while serving tea and scones to the military men she decides to do her part for the cause she befriends Captain Blankenship. Through this friendship Anne gathers helpful information for General George Washington. When given information about Anne being on the Kings side Jack is furious. The one person who thought he could really trust. He sets out to find the truth about Anne.

Be prepared to be swept back into time. Ms. Blevins, while mixing both fact and fiction, has written a moving story. I enjoyed Jack and Anne but I really loved Anne’s friend Sally. She has a very quick mouth ready to put a man in his spot. In a time when trust is tested the relationship between Jack and Anne went through a lot of struggles but with time they show that a beautiful love can blossom. This being the first in a trilogy I am looking forward to the next in the series.

Ms. Blevins resides in Illinois with her family. She enjoys hearing from her readers you can contact her at

Kim Graham
April 2009

BAD, BAD BOYS by Aaron Michaels

Gay Contemporary Erotic Short Story
Torque Press
Sensuality Rating:
ISBN# n/a
13 pages
eBook - Available March 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Marc spends two weeks out of every four away on business. The salary he earns allows Marc and his long time partner, William, to live in Beverly Hills. Although he’s away from home quite a bit, the altruistic nature of his work, obtaining charitable donations, goes some way toward making up for being away so often.

William is a talented artist who isn’t always practical or easy to live with. His forgetfulness has often meant that he and Marc spend a lot of time searching for car keys. Over time they’ve developed a system – both men will leave their keys in the basket by the front door. To forget is to invite punishment of the erotic kind.

One thing I enjoyed most about this short story is that Marc and William aren’t meeting for the very first time. They have already established how their relationship works. In a lot of other novels or novellas, introducing characters who are new to each other often means the reader must spend a fair bit of the book learning about each of the characters. These stories always end on the happily ever after theme. Unless it’s a continuation of a series the reader never really gets to see what everyday life is like. BAD, BAD BOYS is life after the happily ever after. We’re not reading about a couple who’ve lost sight of why they fell in love in the first place. If anything, Marc and William have found very real ways to reaffirm their feelings.

BAD, BAD BOYS is short, intense, extremely erotic and, interestingly enough, very humorous. When their kitchen activities begin to get rather loud Marc belatedly remembers they have a guest, only by this point it’s rather late in the game as both are facing the doorway when he spies Arthur making his way down the hall. Unsure of how much Arthur actually saw, breakfast is a rather uncertain affair. When Arthur makes a comment about pancake turners Marc’s mortification knows no bounds. Arthur’s gift to the couple a month later serves to highlight the hilarity around the kitchen scene. I am always impressed by authors who manage to sparingly use words to condense so much feeling, humour and personality into short story characters. Aaron Michaels does such a great job of this! I can say, hand on heart, that I will be looking for more stories by this author.

Visit Torque Press for a complete listing of Aaron Michael’s stories.

June 2009

CAREY’D AWAY by J.M. Synder

Gay Contemporary Erotic Romance
Amber Allure Press
Sensuality Rating: Heat Level 3
ISBN# 978-1-60272-505-8
79 pages
eBook $5.00
eBook - Available April 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Carey Thornton is young, sexy, bold, tired of his single state...and suffering from a sexual drought. His wish list for his ideal man isn’t too picky: a man who under estimates his own hotness with a body that won’t quit. In short, someone other than anyone he’ll ever meet at a comic book convention. Not too much to ask is it?

Patrick Dix is the embodiment of Carey’s list. He’s painfully shy, slightly nervy, easily tongue-tied and has no clue of his own inherent sex appeal. And the bonus - he’s not a fan of comic books either. So when he meets someone as vibrant as Carey, it’s right out of his comfort zone. It isn’t long before he discovers that the price of temporary discomfort is a man who pushes and tempts you to reach out and take what you truly want. When Patrick seems more inclined to take a step back, Carey is right there to follow through, showing himself to be an exciting and challenging partner.

Snyder’s characters are modern, humorous and painfully human. So much so, in fact, that one can’t help wincing in empathy with Patrick’s lack of self-confidence. By contrast, Carey’s forthright and frank nature serves as a perfect foil. Snyder cannot be faulted on sexual tension - the expectation of an encounter is in every word, every gesture and every shared look. A delicious frisson of awareness is constantly simmering away over and around all of the banter.
I was always aware, at every moment, of their thoughts and feelings. Carey’s friends were a very interesting and quirky bunch of people. I’m no stranger to male/male romance stories and I think that sometimes it’s possible to find authors who churn out books that are really good reads but don’t offer anything beyond sexual gymnastics. I really liked how Patrick’s vulnerability was portrayed but I much preferred him on an equal footing.

CAREY’D AWAY is a contemporary romance that manages to be both erotic and sweet at one and the same time. I thought this was a fantastic read and I will definitely be looking for more by this author. Starting today!

Born in Richmond, Virginia, J. M. Snyder is a writer of gay male erotic and romantic fiction. For free stories and excerpts visit her website:, alternately readers can send an email to:

May 2009

IN FOR A PENNY by Carol Lynne

Gay Contemporary Erotic Romance
Resplendence Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Fire Opal
ISBN# 962011014381
95 pages
eBook $5.00
eBook: February 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Raven Black is quite an impressive sight – he stands at six-foot-three, weighs over two hundred pounds, has body piercings and tattoos. These days he’s a bad boy turned FBI agent but seven years ago he thought his life was exactly what he wanted. All he needed to make it complete would be to have Zane Connor, his foster brother, return his feelings. It broke his heart to find that wasn’t the case.

Zane is now a very wealthy and powerful man and, at six-foot-one with deep blue eyes and long, thick, black lashes he’s even more tempting than he was seven years ago. And he’s been unhappily in love with Raven forever.

Someone is stealing cattle from Zane’s ranch, and not in small numbers, either. The discovery of a dead body, badly abused, just adds to the tension, especially when Ray knows that the murderer is most likely to be his abusive father. Zane has brought Ray home to find out who would kill a seventeen-year-old boy.

Ms. Lynne’s characters are very human, so much so that their imperfections make them more real and likeable. It also made it easier to really empathise with Raven’s plight. His homecoming wasn’t quite the return he wanted it to be: he got to come home but he had to pretend to hate the love of his life. It seemed like he was constantly being given a second chance only to have it taken away again. The tension between them is scorching and, at times, very intense, and I couldn’t help cheering for them from the sidelines. I’m always a sucker for a cowboy story. Especially a male/male romance and IN FOR A PENNY did not disappoint me in any way. It hits the right spot: a touch of murder, a dash of intrigue, a soupcon of unrequited love mixed in with some pretty gosh darn hot male on male action – I will definitely be reading more by this particular author!

Ms. Lynne is a writer of erotic and romantic fiction, and some of her works include the very popular male/male series Cattle Valley and Campus Cravings. For a complete listing of her previous books and stories visit her website:, alternately readers can send a message via her website contact form:

May 2009

UNSPOKEN SECRETS by Destiny Blaine

Contemporary Romance
Whispers Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# Not Assigned
95 Pages
Ebook/Print - Available

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Tanner Dorsey was the leader of the largest American Drug Cartel. He was hot, filthy rich, and worked with Ally’s two older brothers, Darren and David. Tanner loved Ally beyond imagination, but he was on one side of the law and she was on the other. So he kept an eye on her, had his men photograph her, and he watched his beautiful girls grow, without his loving touches.

FBI Agent Ally Stevens has been in love with Tanner Dorsey since she was 12 years old. She made love to only one man, once in her entire life, Tanner Dorsey. She got pregnant and gave birth to beautiful twin daughters, their father, the only man she ever loved, Tanner Dorsey. The problem? He ran an illegal drug cartel and she worked for the FBI.

This the second book in a trilogy, which continues the intense love story between Tanner Dorsey and Ally Stevens. The two of them are on opposite sides of the law, but they have loved each other since Ally was twelve years old. This second book develops the love between the two of them, but leaves you wondering what’s in book three.

Okay this was book two, book one pissed me off, so I was expecting the same out of book two. As a matter of fact, the author (a dear friend), told me I would probably hate this book as much as I hated book one. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the way Tanner and Ally’s relationship progressed. It was brought one step closer to each of the characters personal fulfillment with each other. I can hardly wait for book three. This trilogy is so well written, it keeps the reader glued to the outcome of the story. The sex is hot and the relationship strong and vibrant. I loved this story, and this trilogy will remain in my keep forever pile. I will recommend it to my friends.

To find out more about Ms. Blaine, visit her website at and watch for her in 2009 when she visits Melbourne, Australia for the 2009 Inaugural Australian Romance Readers Convention.

Desiree de Cleves
October 2008


Penguin/Signet Eclipse
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 9780451228277
336 pages
Print - October 6, 2009

Rating: 5 Enchantments

After the murder of her younger sister, Jordan Sampson decides to become a homicide detective. She is a very strong and smart woman. She is dealing with an ex husband at the same time she trying to understand why her daughter doesn’t want to be with here when some terrible murders happen that is closer to her than she realizes.

Jordan Sampson loves her job as a homicide detective but the only thing she loves more is her daughter Mandy. When Mandy grows more estranged from her for unknown reasons to Jordan and skips their weekend visitation, Jordan decides to attend her high school reunion where she meets up with her past high school sweet heart Clint. Unknown to Jordan her reunion also sets off a killer’s rampage. While Jordan struggles with building a relationship with Clint and trying to make some progress with her daughter, a killer is out killing her old cheerleading squad one by one. She is on a very tight time limit to find this killer before she is the next on the killer’s list.

Ms. Cassidy had me from page one. The build up of suspense was an edge of your seat thrill ride. Jordan was the best she is a very strong character. To have a very high pressure job and also dealing with the pressure of her personal life she kept her head up and kept going. I would highly recommend this to all. Like all good suspense you will be very surprised at the end. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Cassidy.

Ms. Cassidy is a multi award winning author who has written over 70 books. She presently lives in Missouri with her husband. You can check out her websites at, She also loves to hear from her readers:

Kim Graham
August 2009


Paranormal Romance
Aspen Mountain Press
Sensuality Rating: Spicy
ISBN# 978-1-60168-197-3
71 pages
Ebook- Available now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Tuesday Dean, a Halfling Demon, never expected to see her old love after refusing his proposal of marriage 10 years ago. Living in the human world has taught her many things but her feelings for Gavrill haven’t changed at all. Now he’s back and the choice is up to her, walk beside the man she’s always loved or let others opinions decide for her.

Demon Gavrill Chimera, a full Demon, is on the human realm on a mission for his soon to be King. But he never expected to see the one woman he’s ever loved, Tuesday. But this time is different, heart broken when he let her go her own way 10 years ago almost killed him, now he’s playing for keeps with her heart in his sight.

White Russian is a sensual story that pulls the reader briskly into the sensual world of demons, humans and Halfling’s, a tangled web of desire, decisions, and fantasies. From the ingenious stunning atmosphere in which the story takes place, to the character’s whose relationship ignites into a passion that entices you to delve deeper into the story of Tuesday and Gavrill, diving the reader head first into a pool of love and passion. Ms. Illyria uses whit, sensual needs and charm to bring her characters to life in a way that will leave the reader refreshed and energized with a new perspective in her world. The story will pull the reader down a corridor of lust, indecision, and love unlike anything they’ve read before.

Ms. Illyria is an enthralling author at her craft of contemporary paranormal to futuristic Sci-fi. You can find more of her other works at or contact her directly with her email address at

Cathleen Yager
May 2009

WYNDSHEER by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

New Concepts Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Carnal
ISBN# 978-1-60394-142-6
108 pages
Ebook - Available

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Jamie MacGivern is an absolutely gorgeous lycant, a wolf shape shifter. He is a genetically engineered super human with wolf-like abilities and killer instincts. He has taken Allison, married or not; she is his mate, and he knows it!

Allison Groves was a Federal Agent, at least until her plane crashed, and she woke up without any memories, only to meet and fall in love with the lycant.

This is a fabulous paranormal romance filled with mystery, hot sex, and suspense. Allison Groves is matched and mated with her lycant hero, Jamie MacGivern. When her memory returns, she makes the choice to stay with the lycant, no longer to return to her old life.

I absolutely loved this story! It’s one of the best I have ever read. The author’s word pictures were phenomenal; the sex absolutely fabulous. The suspense, mystery and intrigue was so well written, I literally could not put the book down. The paranormal creatures completely captivated me with their texture, size and the description of their smell. This story was awesome, very well written. I would say to anyone - if you like paranormal, suspense, and good hot sex, this is a must read. If you are an aspiring author and want to effectively paint pictures with your words, this is a must read, as well as a writing course in a box. If I could give it more than five enchantments, I would. Absolutely fabulous.

Ms. Boyett-Compo is the author of fifty books, the first ten of which are the Wind Legend Saga. Married 40 years to her high school sweetheart, Tom, she is the mother of two grown sons, Pete and Mike, and the proud grandmother of Preston Alexander and Victoria Ashley. You can reach her at:

Desiree de Cleves
June 2008

Saturday, January 9, 2010

ESCAPE IN PASSION by Shiela Stewart

Contemporary Erotic Suspense Romance/ Drama
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
ISBN# Paperback 978-1-60202-093-1
eBook 978-60202-092-4
236 pages
$ 6.99 eBook/ $13.99 Print
EBook/Print - Available January 2008

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Thirty-year-old Victor Davis is our hero, a six foot somthin’, blond hunk of gorgeous. He is a cop, Staff Sergeant Davis to be exact. Vic came to Passion as the police chief, and to get away from the death of his lover Michelle, who was killed in a drive-by shooting. Although the case was never solved, Vic knew that Michelle was killed by her husband Marshall, a big time drug runner or his minions. Because Vic needed a change of scenery he moved to Passion, two doors down from his best friend Tom, and Tom’s wife Cassie who is pregnant with their first child.

Twenty-year-old Julia Wilson is a darling little redhead with bright green eyes who gets pulled over by Cop Gorgeous, Staff Sergeant Davis to be exact, the very man she came to town to meet. She came to town to kill him for killing her older sister Michelle, or so she’s been led to believe by Marshall, Michelle’s husband. The more Julia gets to know Vic, the more she comes to realize that Marshall had to be mistaken, and the more she falls in love with Vic. But how can she ever reveal to him her true identity?

This is a story of suspense, intrigue, and murder, where one mentally broken police officer comes together with one heart broken redhead. They come together sexually, the sex evolves to love, and in the process a murder is solved, and a killer is unmasked.

This was an absolutely wonderful story, a must read for those who enjoy suspense and intrigue, the sex is good as well. I thought Shiela Stewart created marvelous characters with vibrant personalities; each character was so well defined, and blended harmoniously with the others, creating a symphony of believable relationships. I sat down last night to just read a couple of chapters and I could not put the book down until I had read the entire thing. I loved this story, the suspense, the conclusion, and the epilogue. This is a must read, and I will read it again.

Ms. Stewart lives in Saskatchewan, Canada with her husband William and their three children. She spends her days writing and maintains websites for two organizations she belongs to. Her passions aside from writing are stargazing, music, dancing, and home décor. Her favorite time of day is sunset.

Desiree de Cleves
Enchanting Reviews
February 2008

HUNTER'S REVENGE by Bonnie Rose Leigh

Futuristic romance
eXtasy Books
Sensuality rating: 4 Flames
ISBN# 1-55410-995-7
182 Pages
eBook – Available September 1, 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Hunter Shi’lan is a Lionese from Chantrea, the heir to the throne. The only problem is Hunter is lonely. He wants to find his mate and settle down as his brother, Taliff, has with his Earther-Lionese mate, Eve. Then he scents her and nothing can stop him from hunting her down and rescuing her, but will he be able to convince her to mate with him?

Amy has given up on life and only wishes to die. She has been kidnapped by the infamous Black Rose and is being used as a breeder. Six or seven times a day, men come to her and assault her. All in the hopes that she will get pregnant, and if she fights or refuses to cooperate in any other way, she is beaten.

The Black Rose has been plaguing the planets for some time now and she’s not above using anyone to get what she wants. Too bad she’s Taliff and Hunter’s sister, because when Hunter catches up with her he’s going to kill her for what she’s done to his mate and others.

This is book two of a series. I haven’t read the first one, though I am going to purchase it. You can read this one without reading the first, but since there is an over-arching story arc, it’s my thought that you need to read the books in order.

That said, I loved this book. I can’t say that enough times. I love this book and I wasn’t sure I would when I started reading it. I loved Amy’s strength despite her ordeal. The storyline is great and the attention to detail of the culture of these societies is wonderful and makes for a very rich story. Hunter is a hero any woman would fall in love with and he is matched very well by Amy despite the way you see her when her part of the book opens. If you love attention to detail, a great story arc, characters you can fall in love with, read this.

Bonnie Rose Leigh has been writing since she was small. She lives in Upstate New York in a small town. If she’s not writing she’s reading and odds are you will find a cup of cocoa in her hand. You can reach Bonnie through her website:

Enchanting Reviews
February 2008

Friday, January 8, 2010

ENSLAVED by Hope Tarr

Historical Romance
Medallion Press
Sensuality Rating - Sexy
ISBN# 978-1-933836-12-6
376 pages
Paperback - Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Daisy Lake and Gavin Carmichael are an unusual pair. Separated fifteen years ago, it seems like fate that Gavin would find her in London of all places, just as he’s about to give up the search. But a lot has changed in that time, and Daisy is nothing like the little girl he remembers. She’s strong willed, beautiful and hiding a secret.

Gavin’s finally found the woman he’s spent the last year searching for, in of all places, an East End supper club. But when he carries her off stage, beneath the harsh make-up and Delilah De-Luc persona, is still the Daisy Lake he loved as a child. And now that he has the money and influence, he’s willing to help make her dreams to become an actress come true.

When Gavin promises to help her become a real actress, Daisy jumps at the chance. She’ll be able to spend thirty days and even better, thirty nights, alone with the very handsome Gavin. But he seems adverse to her eduction, even when it’s obvious he has feelings that go well beyond friendship for her.

ENSLAVED is an engrossing read. Daisy and Gavin’s relationship has quite a few ups and downs, from the attempt at sabotaging Daisy’s career by a jealous woman to Gavin’s grandfather’s demands. But the biggest obstacle these two face is Daisy’s secret, her past and how willing Gavin is to accept Daisy as she is today.

One of my favorite scenes is when Daisy is summoned by the London Vigilance Committee. After answering their questions, she has to perform one of her songs from her Delilah De-Luc days to answer the charge of whether her act qualified as “lewd and lascivious”.

A captivating Victorian Romance, ENSLAVED is the second book in Ms. Tarr’s Roxbury House trilogy. You can visit her online at

Enchanting Reviews
April 2008

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