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TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME (Immortality Bites series) by Michelle Rowen

TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME (Immortality Bites series)

Paranormal Romance
Grand Central Publishing - Forever
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 978-0446505857
352 pages
Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Sarah Dearly finds herself in a bit of a complicated mess. Still cursed from a malevolent witch, there's a nightwalker inside her just dying to get out. The only thing that can control her is the thin gold chain around her neck. There's also the fact Gideon is blackmailing her to make him an immortal, in hopes that it will heal him and finally get rid of the hellfire burning within him. If that weren't bad enough, as part of the blackmail, she's had to break up with the love of her life, master vampire Thierry.

I've loved this series from the first book and am sad to see it end, as I loved Sarah and Thierry, two of my favorite vampires. Who can forget Barry, her best friend's husband and Thierry's butler, and all the other memorable characters throughout the series.

The best part about TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME is all the best characters return for the end, including surprisingly Quinn, who is always nice to see as I enjoyed his relationship with Sarah. While darker then some of the other books in the series, TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME has the same humor that made me a fan early on and I loved the chemistry between Sarah and Thierry, even while they had to hide their relationship because of Gideon's threats to Sarah's friends and family.

Between hiding her on-going relationship with Thierry from her closest friends and trying not to find herself attracted to Gideon, she also has to deal with the mysterious Red Devil who seems to have appointed himself her bodyguard. Which wouldn't be too bad, until she finds out he's telling Thierry everything he sees. Can't a girl even have a few little secrets? I liked the addition of the Red Devil, even if I had kind of figured out what Sarah did about him a little before she did.

The tension between Gideon and Sarah and whether or not he was fully bad or still partly good was a good subplot. My favorite scene had to be when Sarah goes out to meet 'the wizard', who can supposedly wipe out the nightwalker. Imagine her surprise when he turns out to be a Goth teenager—a surprise that turns jaw dropping when he offers her a chance at reversing her entire vampness. Her friend thinks she should leap at the chance, even if it wipes out the last few months of her life, but that means giving up her relationship with Thierry, something she can't bring herself to think about. I liked how the teenager showed up again in a frightening scene at Sarah's place and warned her about the impending danger.

Filled with unexpected twists, turns and appearances, TALL, DARK AND FANGSOME has become one of my favorites in the Immortality Bites series.

Michelle Rowen is a full-time writer and self-confessed bibliophile living in Ontario, Canada. Her first young adult fantasy novel will be published in Fall 2009 from Walker Books for Young Readers. Under the pseudonym Michelle Maddox she has also written futuristic romantic suspense for Dorchester.

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