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Science Fiction/Erotic/Ménage
Eternal Press
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
E-Book ISBN: 978-1-926647- 67-8
Print ISBN: 978-1-926647- 75-3
68,000 words
Ebook: $6.95/Print $9.95
Available - April 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

It began with the July 4th celebration. Everyone thought the green mist that fell was a wonderful ending to their holiday fireworks displays, then word spread that the oily mist had fallen everywhere. Within days, females began getting ill, but only those of reproducing age. It ignored prepubescents, post-menopausal or any who did not ovulate. Then they started to die. No case zero, no treatment, it was everywhere and hospitals became holding grounds. Then the Sarrans – a more advanced race, arrived, holding a cure and with a proposition that would rock earth’s world, especially for a select few of its females.
This story is about Anya.

Whether you’re a science fiction buff or a fan of romance you’re going to thoroughly enjoy reading Sarran Plague. A.C. Katt completely draws you into the lives of her characters through her vivid descriptions. Tonal and Jonal came alive for me in so many different aspects in this book. She was able to flesh them out not only as lovers and Triad mates of Anya’s for the romance aspect of the book, but also as Admirals and military men deeply caring and committed to their ship, their cause and their planet. I know sometimes the blending of two genres is difficult but she pulled it off admirably.

Another thing I truly loved about the book (and if you don’t like spoilers stop reading now!!) is that when she reached the point of the Sarran’s having to address the issue of homophobia on Earth she did not shy away from it, dance around it or beat it to death. She handled it tastefully and as much as was needed for the book and that was that. No political showboating here. Well done.

She has left us with several taunting leads for other possible stories (yes I did notice that, don’t think I didn’t) and I am already looking forward to two future books at the very least that she absolutely MUST write. (That being one of Cynthia Synclair and one of Madeline Dixon-Howard, she who is destined to know the Zyptz) I will be waiting and watching for more books from this talented author.

A.C. Katt has been on a hiatus in writing since high school, only recently having begun writing again. You can learn more about this writer at To learn more about the Sarran’s you can visit and

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January 2010

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