Sunday, January 3, 2010

BOUND BY MELODY by Hunter Raines

m/m romance
Changeling Press
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
ISBN# 978-1-59596-850-0
70 pages
Ebook- Available now

Rating:4 Enchantments

Finding an eviction notice on his apartment door, the night after the most erotic dream he’d ever had, Gilrain, a disinherited royal Helir Elf, is forced to find a new home. Soon after finding his new home, he is swept up by an Elf binding melody played to create a bond that between him and Arion, a faer Elf. He soon learns how much Arion needs his help in controlling his magic.

After learning about each others past, and an unexpected rejection, Gilrain fights for the love they share with a quick witted, cunning and tenderness that shows that true feelings are made not by magic but with the heart, and that they appear unexpectedly.

BOUND BY MELODY enlightens the reader on the dazzling side of male relationships. This story shows that a night spent with someone can lead to love at first touch. Sexually explicit scenes hypnotize you with enticing characters and mesmerizing details that you the reader will find hard to put down. With the use of magic and bursts of sensual scenes it is an enthralling love/lust story held between two Elf men.

Ms. Raines delves into the realm of male-on-male love with an enlightening & fresh way, with her deep and strikingly-gorgeous men. You can find more of her well written work at or reach her more directly at

Cathleen Y.
March 2009

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