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Paranormal Romance
Dorchester Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Sensual
ISBN# 978-0-8439-5793-8
308 pages
Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Let’s meet out hero Al . That is the only name he knows. He is a man that seems to crave violence. He is a mystery that any woman would love to unravel but she would run screaming for her life when she did. He has all the urges of a savage beast and is only now learning to control them sometimes. Then he meets Jenna and all bets are off. He must have her but will she see the real him? And when she does will she run or give in to his eternal craving?

Now let’s meet our heroine Jenna Maloy. A young woman trying to find out the truth about her sister’s new family. But she is getting more then she bargained for. She is a young woman used to working hard not quite the smart one like her sister Kelly. But she is on a mission and nothing will stop her from finding the truth. Then she meets Al and her life is turned upside down, Al is the man of her dreams and her nightmares. Can she stay when she learns the truth?

This is a story of An Ancient Mayan prophecy from ages past, that tell of the end of the world. A group of men called the Eleven must fight Immortal Demons from hell that want to destroy the Human Race .Al a member of the Eleven and Jenna Maloy brought together by fate to fight back a group of Immortal to save a city and to save a soul Al’s But can Jenna accept Al’s savage nature and embrace his Eternal Craving?

I love this series. Ms. Bangs has again created a series filled with Hot Sexy Alpha males. And we would have it no other way. The character are amazing and seem to be filled with a life of there own, I am so overtaken by the depth of these characters, who would have thought I would cry over a Raptor. They make you want to hate there enemies right along with them. The characters in these books cry out for there own story. I cannot wait until the next book in this amazing series. I would recommend this book to any and all lovers of this genre.

If you would like to find out more about the amazing works of this author, she would love to hear from you. Please visit her website at www.ninabangs.com.

Enchanting Reviews
May 2009

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