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Romance – Paranormal/Time Travel
Cerridwen Press
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 9781419909757
278 pages
eBook - Available July 2007

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Ford Hunter is following the 1847 California Trail across the Nevada desert. A recent widower, he’s trying to cope with a toddler and a baby while keeping his oxen alive and wagon whole. The last thing he needs is some crazy lady showing up, claiming she’s from the future while wearing clothes not fit for a decent woman to be seen in.

Mollie Andersen has just buried her husband and daughter and is driving back cross-country to her roots in California. At a rest stop, she has a black out caused by a strong wind and wakes up in the middle nowhere. She stumbles across what she thinks is a troop of reenactment enthusiasts and tries to get them to help her back to the interstate. When they refuse to break characters, she is at first annoyed but then grows wary as they seem to resent her mysterious arrival and clothes.

The two main characters are drawn to each other immediately and forced to marry when caught in the compromising position of kissing passionately. Molly eventually realizes that she has somehow stepped back in time and Ford accepts that she is from the future when he sees her flashlight and color photographs. Although extremely attracted to each other, their strong personalities clash, making it hard for the two of them to trust each other and form the alliance necessary to stay alive on the trail. Molly and Ford have to battle lack of water and food, violent Native Americans, and also suspicious and superstitious pioneers.

I loved both of these characters. They are well developed and the sexual tension between them more sizzling than the bacon Mollie learns to fry on Ford’s cast iron skillet. Ms. Hamre’s research is remarkable and I learned more about the pioneer’s trail than any history book has told me. I laughed and cried as this love story developed and ultimately ended with both characters finding the truth about their love within themselves. Reading the book was a fantastic journey and I thank Ms. Hamre for making it so enjoyable and educational.

Ms. Hamre is a multi-published fiction and travel author. To find out more about her, visit

Åsa Maria Bradley
February 2008

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