Thursday, January 14, 2010


Fantasy/Time Travel
Firedrakes Weyr Publication
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# (13) 978-1-935141-06-8
(10) 1-935141-06-6
ESN 6131308013053026632
110 pages
Ebook/Print - Available now
Rating: 4 Enchantments

Suren, the Mongol war lord’s son, is an incredibly handsome, virile warrior with eyes for the new warrior who traveled back from the future. Suren knew in his heart that he was in love with her.
Tara Michaels is a spirited student studying to become an archeologist. She is quick witted in conversation, and is rising up from an abusive upbringing to being a woman of her own. Tara gets sucked back in time to the 1500’s and is introduced to many of the ancient Mongols.

Tara is transported back to the time period she has done extensive research on, and becomes enmeshed in the lives of those in the tribe. Tara meets her many times great grandmother, her many times great grandfather, and the love of her life, Suren. Tara ends up traveling back and forth between the two ages, battling evil and finally settling in modern day where her love Suren, travels forward as well to grow old with her.

This was a very creative work where the author beautifully covered some complex historical events. I totally enjoyed the love between Tara and Suren, it was hot, and by their actions, you could tell they deeply loved each other. The battle scenes were brilliantly written taking me back to the life and times of ancient Mongolia. The violence on the battlefield, although completely historically accurate was just a bit much for the passive girl that I am. The author obviously studied, and this story is beautifully written. I enjoyed the book, and knowing me will probably read it again. This book is well worth the money spent.

Ms. Taylor has short stories published on an adult oriented website. Ebooks are all she writes at present. She would love to hear from you and you can reach her at

Desiree de Cleves
June 2009

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