Tuesday, January 5, 2010



eXtasy Books
Sensuality Rating: 3 flames
ISBN# 1-55410-813-6
68 pages
eBook – Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Toren Crushing is a biologist who has studied the integration of wolves back into Yellowstone National Forest.

Renee Faroque is a beautiful Crow Indian with the knowledge of Crow healing techniques.
This is a tale of suspense and intrigue involving the wolves of the forest, the great white wolf in particular, of the Nez Pierce Pack, and its cunning and leadership regarding man.

The word pictures in this story are phenomenal, example “The slushy crimson crystals of the snow freezing into a burst of red death,” I couldn’t put the story down once I started. It’s a quick read, it took me thirty minutes, but in that amount of time, the imagery was so clear, I could smell the forest, feel the cold, and hear the song of the wolf. This is really excellent work, and the story comes across almost like an Indian mythological tale. Excellent read!!

K.A. M’Lady currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children. Her love of all things medieval draws her to the past like the last firefly at dusk in late September. She still believes that hope inspires all possibilities; dreams are always within our grasp if we just reach for them and love truly is the strongest warrior in any battle.

Desiree de Cleves
Enchanting Reviews
April 2008

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