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Fantasy/Historical Romance
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Sensuality Rating: Sensuous (Mild)
ISBN# 978-1-58749-644-8
296 pages
eBook $4.99
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Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Prince Darius has the misfortunate of being the second born son of King Isham, of Zarbaria. By royal decree, only the first-born son can inherit the throne and his brothers must all face the same doom…a lifetime of celibacy and service enclosed in the cloister of the Goddess.
Princess Roxana is the first-born and heir to the throne of Hebrun, the kingdom that borders Zarbaria. She is remarkable in beauty and height, having reached six feet at the age of fourteen and making her the tallest person in her kingdom. Roxana is close to her younger sibling, Prince Pavlek, training together to take on the roles of the future military leaders of their kingdom. When still very young, Roxana and Pavlek have a vision of the Goddess that changes them forever.

Ms. Beraru’s tale set in the alternate worlds of Zarbaria and Hebrun is well plotted and crafted. Her expertise in law, textiles and architectural restoration come through in the details she incorporates to create a magnificent panorama that will spark your imagination, yet keep you grounded in the story. Her writing style is clear and concise making the reading of this story a pure delight.

Darius is easy to identify with either as the proud Prince of Zarbaria or lowly votee. Here is an unforgettable, tortured hero who will steal your breath away. You never lose interest as you embark on the journey with Darius to find his true love. Roxana is a strong, compassionate character who loves the former prince as he deserves to be loved. As a reader, you cannot help but feel deeply for the trials and tribulations these characters endure and the resolution will make you cheer. THE PRINCESS AND THE PROMISE is a wonderful tale of love, honor and sacrifice. I eagerly look forward to the sequel entitled, “The Surgeon and The Virgin” which is currently in the works.

In addition to her writing career, Ms. Beraru is also an award winning fabric artist, specializing in art reproduction quilts, unusual handbags, and Judaica. After closing her California law practice, she moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, where she participates in the restoration of historic houses, craft and art shows, promoting the local opera company, as well as singing and public speaking. Visit her website:

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April 2008

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