Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MISS LONELY HEARTS by Charlene Teglia

Romantic Comedy
Samhain Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Spicy
ISBN# 1-59998-031-2
167 Pages
eBook – Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

After two failed engagements, Cassandra Adams is sick of looking for love first, hoping it would eventually lead to marriage. Her first fiancé left her the day of the wedding. Her second fiancé broke up with her at work, a month before their planned wedding. The one common denominator in both break-ups was Cassandra's cousin, Riley the Bastard. If Cassandra weds by her 28th birthday, she stood to inherit 3 million dollars, if she was not wed by then, it would revert to her cousin's side of the family. Cassandra decided it was time to look for marriage first, and to hope that love follows. Her first step was to peruse the online dating sites, where she came across a promising candidate in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Someone is pulling a “Miss Lonely Hearts” con on the good male patrons of the Last Chance Saloon, and Jason Alexander is determined to find out who it is, and to trap her at her own game. Jason posted a profile on an online dating site, knowing that he would get the woman, and make her pay back what she had conned his customers out of. Sam, Dwight and Duke- the victims, described her profile as blonde and beautiful, from Seattle.

When Jason and Cassandra start communicating, Cassandra thought she found a man she could spend the rest of her life with in happiness. Jason knows he had found Miss Lonely Hearts. He set the trap, and figured to spring it. Much to his surprise, though not the surprise of Sam, Dwight and Duke, Cassandra is the genuine article, and he cannot wait to get married to her.

This is a very sweet story, I fell in love with the characters - Cassandra, who just wants to find someone who will love her and cynical Jason who was just out to catch a con artist, but finds love instead. I also liked the quirky side characters, as Ms. Teglia made them realistic and funny. I could picture Reverend Moonshine, Rex and Mona as she described them.

I do believe my favorite line in the book was “...that she'd had a stripper jump out of her wedding cake.” Now if that doesn't set the tone for a comedy, I don't know what will. Cassandra and Jason's wedding was definitely not your ordinary wedding, but it would be a memorable one. There was a steam and chemistry between them that made you want this marriage to work. The sex scenes were very hot, and, I thought, very well written.

This is the first book I've read by Charlene Teglia, but it will not be the last. She spun a tale full of romance and humor, which I loved. To find out more about her and her books you visit her on the web at: www.charleneteglia.com or join her Yahoo!group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wicked_writers/.

Enchanting Reviews
February 2008

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