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Historical Romance
Wild Rose Press
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
29 pages
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Rating: 4 Enchantments

Lord Warnock is quite pleasing to the eye with a charming personality to match. If that doesn’t make him marketable, his title of Earl certainly does. Although he visits London, he isn’t a fan of the hustle and bustle of the city, instead preferring to spend his off Season time out in the country. With a quick wit and a mysterious demeanor, Warnock became the perfect hero to this short and lovely story.

Hoping to catch Lord Warnock’s eye, Laura Brownwell follows her parents to events throughout the Season. Gradually her eye becomes drawn to Lord Warnock more and more often. With a fluttering heart when he draws near and a sinking one when he walks the other way, Laura’s maiden spirit seems to focus on Lord Warnock. If it weren’t for the etiquette of the time dismissing a woman as nothing more than a silent shadow and a greasy fortune hunter out to win her hand in marriage, Laura could be on the road to utter Warnock bliss.

OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR was the cute tale of what happens when a woman throws off the cloak of propriety and does what is necessary to ensure her future. Caught in a struggle between gaining a good life and evading the attentions of her fortune hunter suitor, Laura’s behavior is often humorous. Will she live her life as the wife of the insincere suitor, or will she gain the freedom to live her life in the happiness that she so desperately desires?

I have to say, OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR was quite a nice book for how short it was. As it is only 29 pages, it could have been easy for Corwin to write a rushed story that left out key elements. Instead, she kept the story pertinent to the length and accommodated accordingly. OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR doesn’t cover a large chunk of time, but the time that it does cover is well developed and full of tension.

The romance between our hero and heroine was wonderful and fit well with the length of the story. We didn’t get a full blown, passionate affair; instead, we got just a hint of magic and a touch of what the future for Catherine and Lord Warnock might hold. Along with the great character development, I think that Ms. Corwin’s writing really made this story a success.

Ms. Corwin writes Contemporary Paranormals and Regency Historicals. She can be found online at http://www.amycorwin.com/.

Cinnamon Brown
August 2009

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