Thursday, January 14, 2010

BAD, BAD BOYS by Aaron Michaels

Gay Contemporary Erotic Short Story
Torque Press
Sensuality Rating:
ISBN# n/a
13 pages
eBook - Available March 2009

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Marc spends two weeks out of every four away on business. The salary he earns allows Marc and his long time partner, William, to live in Beverly Hills. Although he’s away from home quite a bit, the altruistic nature of his work, obtaining charitable donations, goes some way toward making up for being away so often.

William is a talented artist who isn’t always practical or easy to live with. His forgetfulness has often meant that he and Marc spend a lot of time searching for car keys. Over time they’ve developed a system – both men will leave their keys in the basket by the front door. To forget is to invite punishment of the erotic kind.

One thing I enjoyed most about this short story is that Marc and William aren’t meeting for the very first time. They have already established how their relationship works. In a lot of other novels or novellas, introducing characters who are new to each other often means the reader must spend a fair bit of the book learning about each of the characters. These stories always end on the happily ever after theme. Unless it’s a continuation of a series the reader never really gets to see what everyday life is like. BAD, BAD BOYS is life after the happily ever after. We’re not reading about a couple who’ve lost sight of why they fell in love in the first place. If anything, Marc and William have found very real ways to reaffirm their feelings.

BAD, BAD BOYS is short, intense, extremely erotic and, interestingly enough, very humorous. When their kitchen activities begin to get rather loud Marc belatedly remembers they have a guest, only by this point it’s rather late in the game as both are facing the doorway when he spies Arthur making his way down the hall. Unsure of how much Arthur actually saw, breakfast is a rather uncertain affair. When Arthur makes a comment about pancake turners Marc’s mortification knows no bounds. Arthur’s gift to the couple a month later serves to highlight the hilarity around the kitchen scene. I am always impressed by authors who manage to sparingly use words to condense so much feeling, humour and personality into short story characters. Aaron Michaels does such a great job of this! I can say, hand on heart, that I will be looking for more stories by this author.

Visit Torque Press for a complete listing of Aaron Michael’s stories.

June 2009

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