Wednesday, December 30, 2009

COFFEE AND LOVE TO GO by Christine Columbus

Sweet Contemporary
The Wild Rose Press
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
11 pages
eBook Available now
Rating: 4 Enchantments
Dan is newly divorced and trying to get on with his life. His co-workers and friends all seem to want to pair him up with someone. When he spies a gorgeous creature at the local coffee house, he finally sees a reason to appreciate that his ex left him the lawn mower and took all the kitchen appliances. Otherwise, he’d never have seen Missy.

Missy stops in Fresh Brew every day for her morning fix. There’s a certain hunk that catches her eye, but she can’t find the nerve to approach him. Rather than try, she jumps in her yellow jeep and drives away, regretting she didn’t even get his name.
Missy calls a local radio advice program and solicits opinions on whether or not a woman should be the one to approach a handsome man. The consensus is overwhelmingly yes. Dan just happens to be listening and recognizes her voice. Could she be talking about him? He’s been having the same feelings about her, and doubting someone as beautiful could be interested in him. Although resolved to find out, everything he tries to say comes out wrong, making him feel like the idiot he believes he is. Finally he turns to the radio show for advice of his own.
Ms. Columbus has penned a quirky little story that makes you smile. Dan and Missy both want the other to make the first move, but neither have the courage. I wondered who would finally make the first move, and kept reading to find out. I guess you can’t take the editor out of some of us, and I do wish someone would have caught ‘shinny’ and made it ‘shinny.’ A minor complaint for such a sweet contemporary story. I definitely would read more of Ms. Columbus’ work.

If you’d like to find out more about the author, you can find her blog at An RWA member, she’s multi-published but still has many stories to tell about the fictional men in her life.

Brett Scott
August 2008

1 comment:

Christine said...

Thank you for the review and I apologize for the typo.

I’ve also been know to make typos at my day job as an admin assistant. The other day my boss pointed pubic instead of public.

What could I do…but flash a smile and say, “When you hired me I typed seventy-two words a minute with one error. So, according to my calculations, I’ve got a couple more typos to make.”

He laughed and shook his head.

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