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WINTER WONDERS by Cindy Green/Jo Ann Carter/Meg Allison/Muncy G. Chapman

Short & Sweet
By Grace Publishing
Sensuality Rating: Sweet
75 pages
$2.99 eBook/$9.22 Print
eBook/Print - Available Now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Snow Kissed – Cindy Green

Logan Riley paints a rough exterior in his grease-stained t-shirt and faded jeans, but his eyes soften whenever Holly Armstrong is around.

Holly Armstrong, with her wavy reddish-brown hair and blue eyes, has decided to leave Meriden for New York. It’s going to be hard to leave all the things she loves about her small town environment, but it’s a perfect opportunity to further her music career

Logan is terribly upset when he learns from a third party that Holly is leaving. Why couldn’t she have told him? They’ve spent so many special times together, and his heart is breaking. He can’t just let her leave without seeing her one more time, so contrary to his past behavior, he goes to the carnival to find her.

You can read more about this wonderful author at:

Smuggler of the Heart – Jo Ann Carter

Tim Davis stands six feet tall, with light brown hair and intense hazel eyes. He’s had dates and casual relationships, but no one has ever measured up to Samantha Warren.

Auburn-haired Samantha Warren has returned to her grandmother’s home in Stowe for a short visit. While rummaging through Gram’s attic, she comes upon a small worn wooden chest that has quite a history.

The small worn chest that Samantha finds reveals a family legacy of love. She and Tim are both too stubborn to admit their feelings, and Samantha is determined to return to Trenton. Smuggler’s Cove has a connection with the wooden box, and is where Tim takes her on a ski trip.

This lovely book is available at:

Gwen’s Resolution – Meg Allison

Tad Smith lives in the small town of Harris Grove. He left long enough to go to college and major in business, but came back to open his own garage.

Gwen Josephs is alone in her duplex, preparing for New Year’s Eve. Tonight will be a new beginning in more ways than one. No more sitting in front of the television or reading novel after novel. She’s going to go out and have fun, even if she’s alone.

It was a year ago when Gwen’s boyfriend broke up with here. As she readies to leave, the phone rings and it’s her mother, checking up on her. Rather than admit to celebrating alone, she tells a little white lie about meeting someone. Her white lie turns out to be the truth when handsome Tad Smith invites her to join him at his table.

With five children, a husband an assorted pets, it’s amazing that Ms. Allison can find time write. She can read more about her at:

Maybe Forever – Muncy G. Chapman

Bryan McAlister is on his way to the University of Iowa and a new position when his car slides off the icy road and hit a tree.

Margy Mayfield has just returned home from selling her prized bull at the Ames Livestock auction. A storm is brewing and she’s in a hurry to get home. There’s an escaped convict on the loose.

Maybe Forever was a great finale for this anthology. It’s a little different than the other stories in that Margy is a widow. Despite an invitation from her hired hand, Hiram, to spend the stormy night with he and his wife, Margy decides to stay at home. When the lights go out, she settles down by the lantern to perform her nightly devotion. A pounding on the door interrupts her, and a peek out the window shows someone matching the description of the escapee standing on her doorstep.

Muncy G. Chapman is not a novice author. You can find more of her work at: htttp://

Winter Wonders is full of ‘ah’ moments, and I could go on and on but I have to limit my comments. All I can say is you won’t be disappointed with a single story in this collection. Well done, ladies.

Brett Scott
June 2008

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