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BEAST OF DARKNESS by Lisa Renee Jones



Paranormal Romance

Harlequin Books S.A., Silhouette Nocturne

Sensuality Rating - Spicy

280 Pages

ISBN # 978-0-373-61790-6

eBook $4.75 / Print $5.25

eBook/Print - Available July 2008

Rating: 5 Enchantments

The Knights of White return in their vigilant fight of good vs. evil against the Darkland Beasts.

Adrian is back with a new scheme in his struggle to obtain more dark power. He has discovered a demon prince, Vars, who can be used to strengthen his battle against the Knights and to overtake Cain, as the ruler of the underworld. He would like nothing better than to add Max to his demon army.

Breaking the sacred rule to never kill a human, albeit an evil one, Max must pass an unthinkably hard test to prove that he will not succumb to his inner-beast. Salvidor has sent him on a quest to affirm his loyalty to the Knights. He is drawn to the town of Nowhere, Texas, where he senses an evil not just born of the beasts, and knows that it will be a part of his trial.

Sarah Meyers and her team have been asked to visit Nowhere, Texas to research the supernatural happenings around town. Gifted with the ability to speak with the dead, she has never felt normal, so when she meets Max she feels a kindred spirit.

Max knows that Sarah is his mate, but will she be able to accept him? Having lost her family to a demon, Sarah is hesitant to trust. But soon she feels the same tug as Max and knows that they are meant for each other. But, will she be willing to be Max's mate?

Soon the battle ensues, Max calls his fellow Knights to help defeat the uprising army of beasts. Will Max lose his soul to join Adrian's army? Or will Sarah give him the confidence he needs to trust himself to be hers for eternity and to continue the battle against the beasts?

Another outstanding achievement by Lisa Renee Jones! She has created warriors that jump off the pages in their quests to combat evil and find love. The Knights of White are my absolute favorite superheroes! I was drawn to Max's story in BEAST OF DESIRE, where he showed the promise of a true champion, and in BEAST OF DARKNESS he did not disappoint. I was on the edge of my seat, throughout much of the story, just waiting to see where he was going to take me. I loved that he had never lost faith, and was able to show Sarah how to regain hers and how she was gave him the strength he needed to believe in himself and in their love. Sarah was a perfect compliment for him. As a strong independent woman, she was able to see into him, understanding him to the point that she was sure the beast within him was well below the surface.

Ms. Jones did an excellent job bringing the Knights and Cathy and Edward, Sarah's team, into the story, without taking away from Max and Sarah. Adrian and Salvidor are key characters that add a higher element to the fight, I love seeing their battles in each story.

I eagerly await the next installment of the series, CAPTIVE BY THE BEAST, Rinehart's story. I can't wait to see what scheme Adrian thinks of next (or see what punishment Cain has in store for him.)

To learn more about Lisa Renee Jones you can visit her on the web at and to learn more about the Knights of White, visit them at


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May 2008

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