Sunday, October 18, 2009

VISION IN WHITE by Nora Roberts

Contemporary Romance
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
ISBN# 9780-425-22751-0
352 Pages
Trade--Available Now

Rating: 4 Enchantments

Mackenzie “Mac” Elliot is the wedding photographer for ‘Vows’, the wedding planning business she runs with her three lifelong best friends. She isn’t looking for a relationship at all, in fact, that’s probably the last thing on Earth she wants--until she encounters Carter Maguire, the new teacher at her old high school and the brother of one of their clients.

Carter Maguire had a crush on the free spirited Mac in high school and never did anything about it. Now that they’ve reconnected thanks to his younger sister’s wedding, he’s not going to let that happen again. Recently out of a bad relationship, Carter’s a little unsure in the dating department and gets help from his co-worker and friend, Bob, who isn’t the best advice giver in the world. But Carter gets past the bad advice and falls--hard--for the unconventional photographer.

VISION IN WHITE is a great kick-off to Ms. Roberts’ new series. I loved Mac, she’s a very strong willed character, except when her mother’s involved and that’s where the trouble begins. Thanks to her oft married mother, Mac has a skewed view of relationships and panics when she realizes things between her and Carter may be getting more serious than what she’s comfortable with. At times, I wasn’t sure of Carter. I liked him well enough, and he loves Mac, but his uneasiness with how to act and date and basically woo her did get a little tedious at times, but the chemistry between the two characters is unmistakable. There are some truly great scenes in the book. One of my favorites is the meet scene between Mac and Carter, where he bops his head against the wall and she tends to him. Not to spoil it, but it’s a really funny and memorable scene with some great dialogue.

Ms. Roberts lays the groundwork in VISION IN WHITE for what should be a great series. I love the backdrop of the four women running a ‘Vows’ the wedding planning company. All four women are equally strong characters and there’s already some hint of the possible men in their lives with some of the supporting cast in this book. I look forward to the second book, ‘Bed Of Roses’, due to be released October 2009.

Nora Roberts is the author of 160 New York Times best sellers, including 23 written as J.D. Robb and one written together with J.D. Robb. Visit her online at

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August 2009

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