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SINS OF A WICKED DUKE by Sophie Jordan

Historical Romance
Avon Historical Romance
Sensuality Rating: Sexy
369 Pages
Paperback—Available Now

Rating: 4.5 Enchantments

Dominic Hale, known as ‘the demon duke’ for his wild living ways, can’t get the woman he rescued out of his head. But she spurned his advances and he doesn’t have time for women who aren’t interested in what he has to offer—which to be brutally honest, isn’t much more then a good time. He’s not interested in relationships, as his nickname suggests. But the right woman might just change all that, if he can convince both her and himself.

After losing her latest job, thanks to the wandering hands of her boss’ son, Fallon O’Rouke finds herself without a lot of options. The woman at the agency won’t recommend her for another job. One of her two best friends is setting sail with her own charge and Fallon is at a loss of what to do—until the perfect idea hits. If she were a man things would be much easier. Shedding her attention getting locks is easier than expected and she gets the first job she turns up for, working for the one man she never expected, the man who tried to rescue her from the wandering hands of her last employer, the so-called wicked duke.

SINS OF A WICKED DUKE is a really enjoyable historical romance. Fallon isn’t exactly your typical woman of the times, as she’s willing to change her appearance and even her identity to get a job so she can attain her dream of one day having a small cottage of her own. I especially enjoyed watching her have to fight to keep her role as Francis “Frank” when she finds herself attracted to Dominic. And things get even more fun when one of the young maids decides to crush on newcomer ‘Frank’. Forced to hide her true identity, things become even more complicated when out of an act of heroism ‘Frank’ saves Dominic from being shot by an irate husband and is quickly promoted in the household to that of valet. It was hard enough being attracted to Dominic from afar, but now Fallon finds herself living in the room next door. I loved the tension between the two, especially when Dominic begins to believe Frank isn’t who he says he is. And the scene where the truth comes out is truly one of my favorites. But hands down, the best scene is when Fallon as Frank shoos out Dominic’s drunken friend and the two women who are there with them. With Dominic passed out on top of the bed, Fallon thinks she can escape. But when he mistakenly thinks it’s the woman he brought home and kisses her, it takes all of Fallon’s willpower to pull away and sneak back to her own room. Ms. Jordan has done a great job creating two memorable characters with Fallon and Dominic.

Sophie Jordan is a former high school English teacher and resides in Houston with her family. When not writing, she divides her time between inventing what she calls culinary masterpieces and visiting her family’s pecan ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Sophie also writes paranormal romances under the name Sharie Kohler.

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July 2009

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