Saturday, October 18, 2008

THE SILVER MOON ELM: A JENNIFER SCALES NOVEL by MaryJanice Davidson and Anthony Alongi

BerkleyParanormal, Young Adult
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Rating: 4 Enchantments

Meet Jennifer Scales, weredragon, beaststalker, and Ancient Furnace. And all at the tender age of fifteen too! Without a license.

In her quest to relieve her burden of keeping secrets from her friends, Jennifer takes them with her when she goes to Crescent Valley, meeting place for the dragons. While Jennifer discovers a new power as the Ancient Furnace – calling a nest of Fire Bees to her – she quickly learns that there is way more to her parent’s history with the clan of dragons than she ever thought.

When her best friend/ex-boyfriend, Skip, lures her out with ice cream and lets her fallasleep in the park, Jennifer is boggled and very angry when she wakes up to a world that is very different from her own – one where her parents no longer exist, and where werachnids rule the town!

In her quest to turn her world to rights, Jennifer meets one of the pure dragons, and sees a different side to the people she thought she knew. Even the person she knows as hermother is incredibly different! In all of this, the one surprising constant is the silver moon elm that brought her parents together, and will now help her bring her world back.

Ms. Davidson and Mr. Alongi bring together a tale full of the emotions and realities of teen life. The insecurities and jealousies, along with love and its strength, make this book pop! I can truly identify with some of what’s been written here, from my own teen years, and even now in my early twenties. I dunno about you, but I would go to the same lengths that Jennifer did to have my loved ones back!

Awesome book! I can’t wait to read more of this series!

One or two colorful words, however, make this more appropriate for the teen reader,probably fourteen and up.CimoreneEnchanting Reviews

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