Saturday, October 18, 2008


Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance
Linden Bay Romance
ISBN# 978-1-60202-065-8
eBook - Available now

Rating: 5 Enchantments

Officer David Harris has been a Seattle Police Officer for three years now. So when the call went out, he knew it was another victim of a killer that came to Seattle, Washington. He met his Sarge at the apartment building, and both went in to the room. As they came out of the room, they were informed that the FBI was taking over the case and would be the lead on it. As David waited the FBI agents showed up, he noticed that one stood back from the others, he had closed eyes as if to meditated. David was fascinated by him. He didn't fit the FBI image - he had long hair, trim body, and when he opened his eyes they were brilliant blue. David couldn't stop looking at him or stop thinking about him.

Agent Robbie Taylor, FBI Psychic/Criminal Behaviorist, started working on the serial killer case in Seattle, Washington. So far this killer had killed over 22 young men and he was determined that he was going to stop him. But he never thought he would be the one captured by one of the most beautifully black men he has ever seen, Officer Harris. He couldn't believe how this man had undressed him from head to toe without ever taking his clothes off. Robbie knew David guarded his secret from the rest of the police force closely, but when they start working together, would it get out that he is David's lover, and what happens when they caught the killer, would David come to Virginia with him?

Ms. Hauser is one of the top rate writers. She brings out feelings, wants and desires. In NAKED DRAGON, she writes about finding courage from within yourself and to believe in the abilities of the one you love and care for. It has hot men, great sex, and true friends who accept you for yourself. Her writing style is clean, her plots wind around her characters with a steady pace. It is such a great pleasure to read NAKED DRGON.

Barbara W.
September 2007

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