Saturday, October 18, 2008

CAUSING HAVOC by Lori Foster

ISBN# 978-0-425-21423-7
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Rating: 5 Enchantments

Havoc is not only the name of the hero in this book, but the thoughts and emotions you go through while reading it. All feelings are felt, from tears of anguish and frustration, to laughter and need as well.

Dean “Havoc” Conor, does not need or want anyone close to him other than his manager, trainer and best friend, Simon. However, it seems that the family he thought deserted him does. Now Dean has come back home to Harmony, Kentucky to face his past and finally lay it to rest. Can Dean forgive the family he thought deserted him, allow himself to love Eve, and really become the big brother his heart and soul feels the need to be?

Eve Lavon knows a prime piece of meat when she sees one, and that is exactly what Dean is. The only problem with him is that not only is he Havoc in the ring but now he is playing havoc with her heart and mind. Can Eve put aside her need for Dean and love that she refuses to admit, or will Havoc simply slip from her grasp and those of his sisters?

In this quiet town, you will also learn about Cam, the sensible and caring sister, and Jackie, the wild and irritable one as well. Where Cam is caring and loving, Jackie is loving and out of control, or at least everyone thinks she is. But one man, one fighter, is willing to face her sass and find the woman hidden beneath. Can Gregor convince her of his real intention or will he and his big mouth blow it all? Can Cam get the man of her dreams and only true love or will her stubborn pride and his idiocy be the end of something sweet?

Ms. Foster leads you into a story of passion and fighting, of love and regret, of fear, pain, and finally forgiveness. CAUSING HAVOC has all the elements and character that make a good book, a great read. I will be visiting the people of Harmony, Kentucky time and time again, while waiting on bated breath for the next book in the “SBC fighters” series. This book is a mind-blowing 5 Enchantments.

September 2007

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